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Watch This Fearless Girl Play in the Pool with a GIGANTIC Python

You may be shocked to discover that the following story does not actually originate in Australia, but in my home state of California.

Specifically, the video you’re about to see was shot in the city of Redding, where in a little girl was frolicking in a backyard kiddie pool with her best pal… a massive albino Burmese python named “Sumatra.”

Image Credit: Corey Wallace via YouTube
Image Credit: Corey Wallace via YouTube

It’s unknown why this video, which was actually posted to YouTube two years ago by the girl’s father Corey Wallace, has only now become a viral sensation… but regardless, you can certainly see why it’s seizing people’s attention this week.

While Burmese python are widely known for seizing their prey with massive curled fangs and squeezing them to death (and one of this size could easily be a lethal threat to a child), Wallace is totally comfortable letting his daughter play with Sumatra… and even claims the giant pet is totally harmless.

“She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools,” he explains in the video description, adding that the snake has been around kids since she was a baby, and has never killed any living creature in her eight-year lifespan — instead preferring for her owners to provide her with freshly-killed chickens and rabbits. In the wild, Burmese typically feed on birds and rodents, but larger ones have been known for eating larger animals.

“She even likes our dogs and cat,” Wallace writes… and I’m assuming he doesn’t mean “for dinner.”