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One of the bummers of being in love with a cult film is that you, along with the rest of the general public, probably missed it upon its initial release (unless, of course, you weren’t alive at that point), only to discover it much later on, either on cable or video. And hence, you indirectly contributed to the fact that this thing was not a hit, but later helped it establish “cult” status. That also means that despite how awesome you think this movie is, there was no sequel ever made that you could hunt for or look forward to. Too much time has probably passed to do it right. (Unless you go the PSYCHO II route and set it 22 years later.)

I’ve been in love with every single one of the movies in John Carpenter’s early filmography, especially that chunk of films in the ’80s that were fronted by leading man & ultimate bad-ass Kurt Russell. It’s a shame that we never got to see more of the adventures of Jack Burton, post his BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA story.

But therein lies the beauty of the comic book world

We actually did get an official BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA sequel, which picks up immediately after the events of the first film, courtesy of BOOM! Studio comics. Written by Eric Powell and John Carpenter with art by Brian Churilla, the first story arc, collected in the graphic novel, “The Hell Of The Midnight Road & The Ghosts Of Storms” (or simply Volume 1), put us right back into the same wacky world of Jack Burton and his best friend, Wang, as Wang’s wedding is abruptly interrupted by evil forces hellbent on getting their revenge on Jack Burton!

There are two more graphic novel collections available, and BOOM have also done a handful of stories featuring Russell’s other alter ego Snake Plissken from the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and ESCAPE FROM LA movies. But now, in a pairing of historic proportions, BOOM is bringing both legends together.


Coming in October of 2016 is the crossover event BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA/ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1, from writer Greg Pak and artist Daniel Bayliss.

While I may be a bit lukewarm on Bayliss’ art, it’s really story that counts, so I’m looking forward to this one. However, I will share with you a thing of beauty – something that I would absolutely frame and hang up in my apartment as a poster. Crave Online debuted an exclusive alternate cover for the book from artist Oliver Barrett (pictured below), and it’s just gorgeous.

There may only be 3 films on your movie shelf that feature these 2 characters, but it’s exciting to know that we’re getting a 6 issue series that teams them both up this Halloween season!

‘Til then, you know what Jack Burton always says…


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