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Fantasia Film Festival: 5 Awesome Upcoming Movies!

For the past few days at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, we have been watching upwards of 5-6 films a day, screening plenty of upcoming horror, science fiction, animation, and cult movies. Here is a rundown of 5 fantastic movies that I watched this weekend. Each of these should be releasing stateside soon, so keep checking for more details.

TANK 432 (United Kingdom) (Horror) (Cover photo)

The movie opens with an active war as a platoon of soldiers battle an elusive and almost unseen enemy. The group takes cover in an old military tank, but after jamming the door closed, they realize they are now trapped. As the enemy closes in around them, they begin to experience memory problems and find several strange objects inside the tank causing them to question who the enemy really is.



IN SEARCH OF ULTRA SEX (France) (Science Fiction/ Comedy)

Some ingenious and patient filmmakers took a bunch of old pornos and edited them together into one new science fiction film. A virus infects everyone in the world causing uncontrollable lust, and group of astronauts must try to stop the madness.



TRASH FIRE (United States) (Comedy/Horror)

Directed by horror veteran Ricky Bates, TRASH FIRE focuses on the dysfunctional relationship of Owen and Isabel. After learning Isabel is pregnant, the two return to Owen’s grandmother’s house in an attempt bury childhood demons.



I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER (United States) (Horror/Comedy)

Based on a best-selling novel, a teen with strong homicidal tendencies attempts to quell his quest for killing by searching for another serial killer in his small mid-western town. This one stars Christopher Lloyd, and he is absolutely amazing in it!

Christopher Lloyd as Bill Crowley and Max Records as John Cleaver in 'I Am Not a Serial Killer'


THE PIPER (South Korea) (Horror/Thriller)

This is a contemporary take on the Pied Piper fairytale. While searching for a rural doctor, a musician and his son happen upon a village infested with carnivorous rats. The musician offers to lead the rats away with his flute in exchange for medical help for his son. However, it soon becomes clear that the village has a much darker problem than just vermin.