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Listen to Every Freddy Krueger Hotline Story!

Now this is just a wonderful relic from the past that can finally be shared in its entirety!

I grew up a total Freddy Krueger fanatic, as I’m sure a lot of you out there did. The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series was my jam. And when you look back, it’s amazing just how far Freddymania really reached at the peak of the franchise’s popularity. We touch upon it in this article here, but I’d say the most pricey aspect of Freddy fandom was those damned 1-900 hotlines they set up, often for kids that would sneak behind their parents’ backs and call, only to be discovered when that monstrous phone bill arrived later that month. (I am guilty of this.)

Basically, every time you’d call the hotline, you’d get a new Freddy tale that revolved around some weird happenings in Springwood. Depending on how often you’d call, you’d usually get a different story every time. Well, are you ready to stroll down memory lane?

My good friend (and very talented composer) Dwayne Cathey has recently uploaded 45 minutes worth of 1-900 Freddy hotline stories. This is literally every tale you’d get when you called in.

And credit where credit is due, these were provided by Taylor Basinger, who recorded all of these using his Darth Vader speaker phone at age 14. You can actually hear Taylor intro the audio clip and, towards the end, you’ll also hear him talking to his mom. But happily, it’s a wonderful horror time capsule and amazing to hear all these years later. Check it out!

You can “like” Taylor Basinger’s Facebook page right here, and follow Dwayne Cathey’s Soundcloud account here. Enjoy, Fred-Heads!