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Feel the Rage! Watch Rooster Teeth’s Hilariously Bizarre “RAGE QUIT” Gaming Videos

Have you ever played a video game that just made you want to flip tables? Yeah, me too.

Mine was GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY. I could never get past that goddamn helicopter mission where you had to plant bombs in a three-level car garage with a limited amount of time. After about 100 failed attempts, I got so mad I threw the controller across the room and shut the game off, never to play it again. It was impossible, I tell you, and still makes me mad to this day thinking about it.

If you’d rather keep your tables intact, watch Rooster Teeth’s Michael Jones in a RAGE QUIT video instead.

Michael will play a game — usually on Xbox, but sometimes on PC, Steam or Flash — that is particularly challenging or frustrating until the point where he screams obscenities and breaks things. It’s quite entertaining to watch.

With the ever-increasing popularity of “Let’s Play” gaming, or a  “series of videos or screenshots, documenting a playthrough of a video game, usually including commentary by the gamer,” RAGE QUIT ranks up there with the best of them. Established in 2011, they’ve had millions of views, and continue to climb with each video. Among the most popular videos is SLENDER, the indie hit horror game. That one, combined with the sequel and a behind the scenes video, racked up total of over eight million views.

In the spirit of all things horror, Michael has played some seriously creepy games. The aforementioned SLENDER, AMONG THE SLEEP, and a couple of SURGEON SIMULATOR games are among the creepiest by far. He, and sometimes his friend Gavin Free, will co-op and work simultaneously to move the player in the game, adding to the frustration of seriously uncoordinated game play. Organs are smashed, aliens appear, and Slender Man terrorizes. Their screams make watching the videos all the more entertaining and frightening.

Check out the creepy games Michael and Gavin play below!



Behind the Scenes SLENDER PART 2




There’s something seriously gratifying about watching another person get frustrated and even violent with video games. It’s as if we’re saying, “feel my pain” without actually having to be involved.

It’s like when someone trips up the steps, you secretly laugh to yourself… or if you’re a total asshole like me, you laugh out loud.

As Michael says under his video of SLENDER PART 2: “There’s nothing quite like the look of fear in Gavin’s eyes. So satisfying.”


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