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Suspect Allegedly Used Human Brains to Achieve the Ultimate High

This story started out weird, and it’s just getting twistier by the minute as the details continue to trickle in (so to speak). It reached a horrific climax last Friday, when a preserved human brain was discovered in a plastic shopping bag under the front porch of a vacant trailer in Penn Township, Pennsylvania.

The brain was discovered by police several days after the arrest of 26-year-old Joshua Long of Carlisle, PA, in connection with a string of burglaries in the area. Now authorities have added “abuse of a corpse” to his list of Long’s alleged offenses.


According to Fox 43 News, David and Pat Beck, who live in the trailer next door, realized something creepy was amiss when they overheard that Long and the trailer’s former tenants, Robby Zoller and Angela Micklo, had been soaking marijuana in the formaldehyde with which the brain was preserved. This practice is claimed to infuse the weed with extremely hallucinogenic properties — with occasionally lethal results.

“I didn’t think they were that kind of people,” Pat said of her brain-smoking neighbors, “but nowadays, you never know.”

Image Credit: iStock/Acilo
Image Credit: iStock/Acilo

According to the same source, Long’s aunt discovered the bag of brain matter while she was cleaning out the abandoned trailer, and she reported the find to Silver Spring Township Police. The brain was subsequently taken to the Cumberland County Coroner.

It’s not yet been determined exactly where Long found the brain — which he had reportedly nicknamed “Freddy” — but authorities suspect it was once a teaching specimen for medical students. They hope to “return it to its rightful owner”… whom, we assume, is not concerned about its absence.

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