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Full Trailer For ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 Drops! And Looks Like A Bloody Blast!

After all these years of wishing and wanting and ranting and raving, it’s hard to believe that we finally got more EVIL DEAD with Bruce Campbell once again reprising the role of Ashley Williams. Just one year ago, the gang from Starz, along with Campbell, Raimi and Tapert unveiled the first trailer for season one, which blew the roof off the house. It’s only fitting that on the cusp of this year’s Comic-Con, we get a good look at the upcoming season 2.

The teaser debuted last week, which you can see here, but this full length trailer gives us a much better look at what to expect from Season 2. And if this trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a bloody blast! Have a look:

Fun to note that Lucy Lawless returns, somehow! And even cooler? Ted Raimi!

The whole gang returns for a new season of ASH VS EVIL DEAD in October, just in time for Halloween! The first season arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 23rd!

Be sure to “like” the ASH VS EVIL DEAD Facebook page to get all the latest updates on the show! You can pre-order the first season on Blu-Ray via Amazon right here. That’s 6 hours of EVIL DEAD goodness.