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These Mind-Blowing Custom Horror Toys Are Eerily Realistic

Earlier this year here on Blumhouse, we shined the spotlight on a master toy customizer who goes by the name One’s Customs, highlighting his line of “Original Concepts” action figures. The basic idea was that he wanted to redesign his favorite horror icons in his own unique style, and One’s visions of Jason, Michael Myers and Ghostface impressed the hell out of us.

But those toys were just the tip of this particular iceberg.

When it comes to being the best, there truly can be only one, and I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say that the man behind One’s Customs is the best of the best: the reigning king of custom-made horror toys. For several years now, One has been crafting 12″ action figures of fan-favorite horror villains, and the toys are so eerily lifelike that calling them toys almost doesn’t even feel right.

Myers 2
Featuring heads sculpted from scratch and wearing movie-realistic tailored clothing, One’s figures stand head and shoulders above all the rest, putting even the best toys from the best companies to shame. When photographed just the right way, it’s oftentimes hard to even tell if you’re looking at a toy or a real person, which is perhaps the single greatest testament to his abilities.

Christopher Lee Dracula
“I get my hands on the best quality film and look for the best shots from head to toe,” One told us, explaining his process once he decides who to make or is commissioned by a paying fan. “I also look on the internet as well. I never like to use another artist’s perspective though. For example, if someone else already tackled a project in 1/6 scale, I won’t use it as a point of reference – only actual images from the movie. When I feel I’ve gathered enough info, I then begin the sculpting process.”

“I like to use Monster Clay, which is a wax-based material, or Super Sculpey Firm – sometimes Apoxie Sculpt, which is a two-part putty that hardens on its own,” he went on to divulge. “The sculpting process can take days or weeks at a time, depending on my schedule or difficulty of the sculpt. I will then mold and cast using smooth-on products. At this time during the process, I will be working on the body. Sometimes it’s a fully sculpted body, sometimes certain pieces are sculpted and cast to be used on the body. I work with a tailor or rework existing outfits, which is when the figure really takes shape and I know if I’m heading in the right direction. If I feel I am, then I begin painting.”

Voorhees 2
While his figures of big names like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Leatherface are insanely impressive, it’s One’s penchant for giving the toy treatment to “lesser” horror icons that really draws us to his work. We’ve seen countless figures of the top horror villains over the years, from companies like NECA, Mezco, McFarlane and Sideshow Collectibles, but none of those companies have delved as deeply into the genre as One has. Since his toys are one-of-a-kind, often made for either himself or eBay auctions, he doesn’t have to worry about appealing to the masses, so he’s free to make whoever the hell he wants to make, whenever the hell he wants to make him/her.

Hills Run Red
Some of One’s standout offerings, which you’ll find below, include Amy from FRIGHT NIGHT, Big Ben from HOUSE, Bughuul from SINISTER, and even Babyface from THE HILLS RUN RED. Perhaps his creepiest toy is of the titular villain MAMA, which is so lifelike that I’m not sure I’d even be able to sleep at night if it was in my collection. One is also an obvious fan of the CREEPSHOW franchise, as he’s turned characters like The Creeper, The Hitchhiker, and Old Chief Woodenhead into unique toys.

Creepshow 2
One admitted to us, understandably, that he sometimes has trouble parting with the custom toys he makes for his fans.

“There always comes a point where I don’t want to let them go because I love them so much,” he told us. “I take a couple days to admire them. Sometimes the clients get impatient, which is understandable!”

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out a gallery of One’s awesome custom toys below, and if you dig them as much as we do, be sure to follow One’s Customs on both Facebook and Instagram!

30 Days Big Ben Creeper Freddy Mama Mrs Voorhees Myers Notld 1990 Pluto Tarman Voorhees Walking Dead Wolfman Woodenhead



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