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Rob Zombie Teases September 1 Preview Screening of “31”

In the run-up to his controversial, partially crowd-funded (and nearly NC17-rated) retro splatter epic 31, Rob Zombie has dropped a little tease via his official Instagram this morning: apparently, “super fans” will be treated to an advance theatrical screening of the film on September 1, far ahead of its official October premiere…


Zombie has been keeping the account pretty warm lately with advance artwork depicting the film’s main characters, including Malcolm McDowell as “Father Murder,” one of the film’s flamboyant chief villains, as well as two of his sadistic clown accomplices… and most recently, the ubiquitous Sheri Moon Zombie as one of several carnival workers forced to “compete” in the titular game of survival.


More details to come, so stay tuned… and here’s the trailer, in case you missed it: