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Chilling Photo Reveals Ghostly Figure Hovering Over Fatal Motorcycle Crash

It began as a horrific accident on a service road off Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky on Tuesday afternoon… a crash which would claim the life of an unfortunate motorcyclist (whose name has not been divulged by the media as of this writing) shortly after he was taken to the hospital.

But in the days that followed, a photograph taken near the scene of the crash has suddenly gone viral — thanks to an eerie anomaly on the image that appears to be a translucent human-shaped figure, seemingly rising from or hovering over the fallen motorcyclist. The figure can be easily spotted just above the Highway Patrolman’s hat:

Image Credit: Saul Vasquez via Facebook
Image Credit: Saul Vasquez via Facebook

LEX 18 in Stanton reported that the picture was posted on Facebook by Saul Vasquez, who captured the image from the cab of his truck near the accident site. In the two days since Vasquez uploaded it, the image has already been re-shared nearly 12,000 times.

When contacted by LEX 18, Vasquez told reporters that the photo was not altered in any way, but did not volunteer any further details about it. His comments in the FB post suggested he did not know the details of the accident, or if any fatalities were involved. The post is dated 5:40 pm CDT on July 12, and officials confirmed to LEX 18 that the accident occurred approximately 10 minutes earlier.

Since then, social media users have been busy filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle with all kinds of theories. Chances are it’s a reflection, a lens smudge, or some other practical cause… but you have to admit it does look a lot like a human figure. So far, we can only speculate…