The 13th Floor

Fright-Rags Unleashes Alice Cooper FRIDAY THE 13TH Wear!

Yet again, Fright-Rags is knocking it out of the park with a very welcome horror/music mash-up in this new Alice Cooper line. Technically, it’s not that far fetched. Cooper did after all provide the hit single, “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)” for the Tom McLoughlin helmed FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES. Let’s not forget he also played Freddy Krueger’s abusive stepdad in FREDDY’S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE! Or the fact that he fronted the flick MONSTER DOG! (Now out on Blu-Ray if you can believe that!)


Fright-Rags have just unveiled 6 (!) new t-shirt designs, along with an exclusive “He’s Back” screenprint FRIDAY VI poster! Gary Pullin is responsible for the art on the “He’s Back” design, as well as “Teenage Frankenstein.” “Feed My Frankenstein” comes with artwork courtesy of Scarecrowoven. “Welcome To My Nightmare” has new art by Geoff May. Christopher Franchi provided the “Psycho Ward” design. Last but not least, Kyle Crawford did “The Man Behind The Mask” art! Have a look at all the shirts below!

Cooper1 Cooper2 Cooper3

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