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10 Horror Movies We Can’t Wait to See at the Fantasia Film Festival

Next week, is taking a trip to “the Great White North” for Montreal’s annual Fantasia Film Festival. The event gathers top notch titles, many of which will become major releases in the following year. Below is a list of 10 horror films screening at this year’s festival that we are super psyched to check out! And keep checking for all the latest news and coverage from Fantasia Film Festival.

Summaries provided by Fantasia Film Festival

ABBATOIR (2016, Darren Lynn Bousman, USA)

“How do you build a haunted house?” The job of real-estate reporter Julia Talben is set on a hellish new path when her family is savagely murdered. In freakishly short time, the house — the crime scene — has gone up for sale, and when Julia goes by for a final look, she’s horrified to discover that the entire “murder room” where her family was slaughtered has been torn out of the building. Using the investigatory tools of her trade, she discovers that this has been happening a number of times — random killings, home purchased, kill room torn out of the structure. The common thread? A mysterious buyer by the name of Jebediah Crone.



AS THE GODS WILL (2014, Takashi Miike, Japan)(COVER PHOTO)

AS THE GODS WILL bursts onto the screen with a CLOCKWORK ORANGE-style daruma doll leading a class of students in a lethal game of “Red Light, Green Light”. If the doll sees someone move, it makes the person’s head explode, which promptly triggers further panic, and further explosions. Shun, a bummed-out teen obsessed with violent video games, wins the game, if only because none of his classmates made it through. The poor guy is hardly at the end of his troubles. Further trials, involving among other things a giant good-luck cat and nightmare nursery rhymes care of creepy kokeshi dolls, await the school’s few survivors, among them Shun, his crush Ichika, and Takeru, a goon with psychopathic tendencies.



BED OF THE DEAD (2016, Jeff Maher, Canada)

When two young couples book a room at a seedy sex club for a birthday orgy, they bribe their way into a forbidden room that contains a massive, wooden bed, which happens to be carved from a cursed tree. They soon find themselves stranded when something pulls one of them beneath it. But this film ain’t about your garden-variety bedtime boogeyman. Rather, it features a sentient piece of furniture that preys upon its victims’ biggest fears and desires, punishing them for their sins. As the hallucinations mount, so does the body count. With the help of a troubled cop on the other end of the phone, the survivors must look to their own dark pasts to discover a way out.



BEFORE I WAKE (2016, Mike Flanagan, USA)

From the moment that Jessie and Mark adopt eight-year-old Cody, they realize that something’s not quite right with the mostly happy child. What they don’t know is that he’s been doing everything possible to prevent himself from falling asleep. You see, Cody is simultaneously blessed and cursed with a supernatural gift that allows for his dreams to become physical in reality while he sleeps. At first, Jessie and Mark feel as if they’re participating in a miracle when they experience his subconscious imaginings draped across their home. They soon realize the terrible downside to the situation, and the reason why Cody can’t bear to be asleep around those he loves. His nightmares manifest every bit as physically in reality as his dreams.

Kate Bosworth stars in Relativity Media's "Before I Wake". Photo: Courtesy of Relativity Media Copyright: © 2014 QNO, LLC


THE DEVIL’S CANDY (2015, Sean Byrne, USA)

Struggling artist Jesse, his wife Astrid and their daughter Zooey buy a dream home – that they never could have afforded were its price not brought down significantly due to the horrors of its past. Shortly after moving in, Jesse’s art begins to… change. He begins to hear voices. One day, the unstable son of the home’s former owners shows up at their door, electric guitar in hand, insisting on being allowed to return home. They refuse to let him in. The voices start getting louder. The prodigal son is coming home, come literal hell or high water. The devil has a claim to collect. Bodies will break.



LIGHTS OUT (2016, David Sandberg, USA)

When Rebecca left home, she thought she abandoned her childhood fears. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out… and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety. A frightening entity with a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie, has reemerged. But this time, as Rebecca gets closer to unlocking the truth, there is no denying that all their lives are in danger… once the lights go out.



MIRUTHAN (2016, Shakti Soundar Rajan, India)

Karthik is a traffic cop living a quiet existence. Being the sole provider for his little sister, he makes sure not to take any risks, to lead a life free of danger, even if it affects his love life. Charming Dre Ranuka is completely oblivious to the fact that he’s completely in love with her. However, his well-ordered life suddenly becomes messy when his sister mysteriously disappears. Furthermore, everyone around him seems to have caught a virus that makes them ultra-aggressive and thirsty for blood. With the help of his friend Malai, Karthik searches the city for his missing sister. He runs into Dre Renuka, who believes to have found a cure to the incomprehensible contagion. In order to complete her research, however, they need to reach neighboring town Coimbatore, where they’ll be able to create a vaccine and stop the infection from spreading…



DEMON (2015, Marcin Wrona, Poland)

Londoner Peter arrives in the Polish countryside, set to marry his best friend’s sister Żaneta at their parent’s beautiful (if slightly creepy) country house. They’ve generously given the young couple the residence as a wedding gift, but it needs a lot of fixing up. Digging up the yard one day, Peter stumbles upon what seem to be bones. He puts this out of his mind, gets suited up and ties the knot. Things are going well, the night is exuberant and boozy. Yet, as it progresses, Peter’s health starts to deteriorate into increasingly frantic misbehavior. First attributed to nerves, then alcohol, his attitude slowly, but surely gets out of hand, however, to the point where the possibility of a supernatural cause cannot be dismissed…



TRASH FIRE (2016, Ricky Bates, USA)

Longtime couple Owen and Isabelle are hatefully in love. The survivor of a horrific family tragedy in his childhood, Owen has always had issues with intimacy and trust, shielding himself beneath an armor of spiteful sarcasm and casual contempt, often directed at poor Isabelle, who’s well past her breaking point. Yet, a couple they remain — and they’re going to have a baby! Determined to see if Owen can be a family man, Isabelle insists a road trip so that she may finally meet his surviving relatives, eccentric grandmother Violet and horribly burned sister Pearl, opening a rotting Pandora’s box of secrets, lies and murder that may prove to be the undoing of them all.



WE GO ON (2016, Andy Milton and Jesse Holland, USA)

How far would you go to conquer your fears? Miles Grissom is willing to go $30,000 far, offering the considerable sum as payment to anyone who can squelch his paralyzing fear of death by showing him proof of any sort that life may go on after we die. A ghost, a provable past-life memory, an unexplainable series of events with impossible yet clear and consistent links, anything at all that cannot be faked or debunked. His classified ad brings on thousands of responses. Almost all are clearly frauds. Three may not be. Miles needs to meet with them each. Despite his nagging dread. Despite his mother’s protests. For better or for worse, Miles is going to find the answer he’s been looking for.



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