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UMBRELLA CORPS: Bare Bones and Starving – Where It Went Wrong

Capcom’s UMBRELLA CORPS released this month and to say gamers were not impressed would be an understatement.  UMBRELLA CORPS might not be winning any game of the year awards anytime soon, but we can officially crown it the worst RESIDENT EVIL game to ever release. Let’s take a look at where UMBRELLA CORPS went wrong.

Agonizingly Boring Single Player Mode

UC Single Player Mode
The single player portion of UMBRELLA CORPS is not only “awful”–it’s blow out your own brains, mind numbingly painful. I have played a lot of games and saw some crappy single player campaigns but UMBRELLA CORPS takes the cake. However, in most cases when it comes to games centered around the multiplayer portion, it doesn’t make sense to expect much out of the game’s single player component. With UMBRELLA CORPS, you don’t really have a decent multiplayer segment so this really draws your attention to how bad the single player mode really is. Players are basically thrown into the same type of maps to repeat the same objectives over and over. There is no storyline, no voice acting, no cool cutscenes. The only way you know what is going on is the text that appears on the loading screen in-between levels.  If that doesn’t put you to sleep, the zombies throughout each level have been so poorly designed that gamers can literally take out their combat axe and rip through them within seconds.  Is it nap time yet?

Multiplayer Segment With No Meat On Its Bones

UC Multiplayer
The meat and potatoes of UMBRELLA CORPS should have been its multiplayer gameplay. Well, boys and girls, that just isn’t the case. UMBRELLA CORPS is more of a walking corpse–all bones and zero meat. The game has two separate modes for the multiplayer portion–one has respawns and the other does not. To sum them up–both suck. The objectives are boring, the controls are clunky and the mechanics are unbalanced. If you take all of that into account, it makes you wonder why they decided to call this a fast-paced shooter in the first place.  With that being said, we do have a strong foundation for the sequel, UMBRELLA BINGO.

Uninspired Themes and Environments

UC Themes and Environments
The one thing that UMBRELLA CORPS had going for it was its RESIDENT EVIL inspired theme and environments, and well, it couldn’t even do that right. The game does in fact use some familiar creatures like the infected Doberman pinchers and maps from beloved titles like RESIDENT EVIL 2 and 4.  While this was a great idea, UMBRELLA CORPS’ presentation manages to fall completely flat, and what little RESIDENT EVIL content does appear in the game comes off as more of a lazy “copy and paste” job.

All of this makes you think that Capcom knew this game was going to be bad, hence why it doesn’t have RESIDENT EVIL in the title, and this was just a marketing tactic to get gamers to appreciate RESIDENT EVIL 7 more when it releases. I mean what better way to show how much RESIDENT EVIL 7 has returned to the series horror roots then by completely going off course with UMBRELLA CORPS.  BINGO!

RESIDENT EVIL fans are currently so starved for a decent game in the series that when Capcom does throw out that big juicy steak (RESIDENT EVIL 7)–we will want nothing more than to eat it up.