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Who Was the Terrifying “Man in the Polaroids?”

Todays’ short but shocking saga was first shared in 2008 by a user known only as “Peter L,” and as of this writing, the story and the attached visuals have still not been either debunked or fully corroborated.

Peter’s account centers on a collection of twenty Polaroid instant photos, bundled with a rubber band, which he claims were first found on the ground by an unidentified girl walking home from elementary school. No mention was made of how the author obtained copies or scans of these images.

The Polaroids were arranged in a specific sequence, which the girl reportedly shuffled through on her walk home.


The first image depicts the vague shape of a pale-skinned man against a dark forest background, distant and out of focus.

The second photo apparently shows the same man, but slightly closer to the unknown photographer.

As you can probably imagine, each successive photo in the series indicates the mysterious man is coming gradually closer to the camera, though his features remained oddly indistinct.


As the girl flipped through the tenth, eleventh and twelfth Polaroids, she began to notice more details of the man’s face… and while the face remained a bit vague, she started to take notice of his eyes.

He seemed to be looking at her. Not just looking into the camera’s lens… but staring past the frame of the image, and directly into the girl’s eyes. It reminded her of a holographic image of Jesus she saw on the wall of her grandmother’s house, whose eyes seemed to follow you regardless of where you stood in the room.


Though the man appeared progressively closer with each shot, his features were still a bit difficult to make out… that is, until she flipped to the nineteenth of the twenty Polaroids, just as she was approaching the front steps of her family’s house.

In this image, the man’s face was suddenly much closer — mere inches away from the camera lens. His expression was the purest embodiment of evil the girl had ever seen, beyond anything from her most horrible nightmares. He looked inhuman… predatory… and hungry.


The horrific visage shocked the girl so deeply she dropped most of the photos on the front porch. The only one left in her hand was the twentieth and final picture in the sequence.

The man was not visible in this photo. Instead, there were scrawled just two words in a bloody red smear…


The girl’s brother reportedly heard her screaming endlessly, just outside the front door. Terrified, he raced to the door without thinking and pulled it open… but his sister was gone.

All that he found was a stack of Polaroid photos strewn across the porch.

Stooping down for a closer look, he noticed the first one in the pile contained the image of a young girl.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed the girl in the photo looked a lot like his sister… but she was unfocused and too far from the camera to be certain.

In the next photo, she seemed slightly closer…