The 13th Floor

Can You Identify These Creepy Symbols on the Blumhouse Office Steps?

It appeared on a Monday morning. As the Blumhouse staff arrived at the office for a production meeting, we each noticed the strange new symbol painted just outside the front door. No one knew what it was or who put it there. Thinking the symbol was kind of creepy, I posted up a picture on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then I got two messages identifying possible roots. One person told me the symbol was some type of Voodoo, but they had no idea what it meant. The second person told me the symbol meant “summer of hardship” and that it was a type of Voodoo curse.


I’ve never been a believer of superstitions or curses, but I do love a good research project. So I began studying the drawing. I reached out to several voodoo experts- one is the director of a voodoo museum in New Orleans, one is professor specializing in Religious Iconography, and the third is a well-publicized “voodoo priestess” I found via google.

The professor felt that if it was in fact Voodoo, the person who drew it was not very skilled as it did not resemble any specific style or sect of worship. The museum director could not identify it either, but thought that it might be from a form of the Cuban Abbakua secret societies that practice Palo Matombe. And High Priestess Chinue informed me that this was indeed a curse, and if I sent her a few hundred dollars through PayPal, she would be kind enough to lift the evil work from afar.

I sought out an expert in the aforementioned Palo Matombe who said this symbol is not from their practice. This symbol was done in paint, and their work is always done in charcoal.

So, readers and vast expanses of the inter-webs, we are seeking your assistance and knowledge. Can anyone tell us what this strange symbol painted in front of our office might be? Any clue? Please email me at