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Behind The Scenes & Shot-By-Shot Comparison For Wolfie’s Just Fine’s FRIDAY V Tribute

Just last week, we showed you the new music video from the artist “Wolfie’s Just Fine” (aka THE LEAGUE’s Jon Lajoie), which not only painstakingly paid tribute to one of the most infamous scenes from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING, but also somehow managed to capture the essence of exactly how it felt for most of us budding horror fans to first see these genre movies. Despite the intended comical nature of the lyrics (and the pre-chorus chants of “here comes Jason, here comes Jason,”) it’s actually quite beautiful and poignant!

Screw it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it right now. Here we go:

I picked up the entire album and it’s just great. There’s a song on there about John Connor’s foster parents wishing they could go back to happier times before they took in John (“Todd and Janelle”), a sad tune about HOME ALONE 2’s pigeon lady who never left Central Park (“Pigeon Lady”), and a heart-breaking love letter to a girl named “Marie-Eve” who was in love with New Kids On The Block. It’s all pretty wonderful.

But back to “A New Beginning.” Lajoie co-directed the music video with filmmaker Brandon Dermer, and there’s a great behind-the-scenes Facebook video that recently popped up to explain how they re-created this true story from Ljoie’s childhood revolving around his first time seeing FRIDAY V.

Just how accurate were the FRIDAY V scenes from the music video? Well, naturally, a FRIDAY THE 13TH fan has already cut together a comparison video. Here it is courtesy of the Scrawlspiria Scrawlspiria You Tube page.

The full album for WOLFIE’S JUST FINE titled “I Remembered But Then I Forgot” is now available. Snag it on iTunes. Be sure to bookmark or visit the official band website, and “like” their official Facebook page.