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Living With a Demon Dog? This Japanese Shrine Offers Canine Exorcisms

We’ve all had pets that act like they’re under the influence of diabolical forces; hell, sometimes they even seem like tiny demons themselves. But until now, there wasn’t a whole lot we puny humans could do about it.

That all changed recently, when the Japanese pet spa D+ Kirishima added “Dog Exorcism Plans” to their list of high-end puppy pampering.

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The facility is already on the cutting edge when it comes to canine amenities, with spa plans for dogs and their owners that include mutual hotel overnights, gourmet meals and luxury baths. But now their services include an on-site Shinto shrine, whose senior priest can be called upon to purge evil spirits from your furry friend.

According to the Toronto Sun, the holy man will “conduct a ceremonial blessing” at the Shingariyu shrine (pictured below) “to rid your pup of bad spirits and pray for its future health.”

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D+ Kirishima’s management asserts certain calendar ages are considered “unlucky health years” for dogs — specifically the ages of 7, 10 and 13. They claim dogs of these ages are considered more vulnerable to illness.

The 30-minute ceremony is a bargain at just $430, and apparently includes a hotel room and dinner for two (the dog and their owner, that is).

The proprietors make no mention of whether cat exorcisms will be available in the future… but as a current cat owner, I really hope that happens soon.