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Fact Or Fiction? Are These Some Of The Scariest Things Caught On Video?

The fine fiends over on the TOP5’s You Tube channel, along with YouTube’s spot-on algorithm are at it again! Every time I sign in to watch some nerdy Batman clip (the BvS kill count is pretty great!) or a music video (all about Wolfie’s Just Fine this week), a handful of real life scare videos will come up in my recommendations list.

Granted, I personally don’t believe in this stuff. Or better yet, I choose not to believe because if I do believe, I’m terrified one of these freakin’ supernatural entities will follow me home. But hell, I enjoy watching from the safety of my laptop. And with a title like “5 Most Chilling & Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Evidence Ever Documented,” it’s practically a dare, no… a triple dog dare, to click and try to watch them all! So, if I’m braving these bits of real life scares, you’re coming with me! Here we go…

That wasn’t so bad. Half the fun of watching these is that you’ll no doubt be able to call bullshit on most of them as you’re watching. But the reason I think all of us watch is we want to see the one clip in the batch that might be legit. Do you believe?