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This Supercut of Movie Jump-Scares Might Make You Pee a Little

Recently compiled by the creative duo of Andy Schneider & Jonathan Britnell (known to the YouTube community as Burger Fiction), this nine-minute edit of 40 infamous jump-inducing scenes from a wide assortment of films (from more than just the horror genre) will undoubtedly be provoking two very different types of reaction.


First, there are your serious horror fans (which I’m sure includes most of you reading this), who’ve seen most or all of the included titles, and are gleefully planning to subject their less-jaded friends (or ex-friends, maybe) to this video, just to watch them scream like babies. Second, there are people who aren’t quite as familiar with some of these titles (EXORCIST III, WAIT UNTIL DARK or A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, for example), and those viewers are pretty much soiling their underpants in sheer naked terror.

Either one of these reactions should tell you all you need to know about the power of a smart, sharp cinematic shock.


So, the question remains… which group are you in? Do you even know for sure?

Turn down the lights, turn up the volume, set the player to full-screen mode and press play… you’ll find out soon enough. (Headphones are recommended for optimum effect… but please exercise caution. We won’t be held responsible for pee-stains on the couch cushions.)

Just do it. We dare you.