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The Most Haunted Site in Amerca: Faceless Ghosts Roam this Pennsylvania Landmark

During its long service to the United States, Fort Mifflin has seen a great deal of tragic loss, so much so that it has earned the reputation of being the most haunted historical site in America. Located along the Delaware River, across from New Jersey on the Pennsylvania side, is Fort Mifflin. It has had the distinction of serving this country during four major conflicts: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Fort Mifflin was finally decommissioned by the US Army in 1962, but the ghosts from its long history of service still remained.


One of Fort Mifflin’s ghosts is Jacob the blacksmith. It is said that he constantly fought with his commander because he wanted to keep the backdoor to his shop open while he worked to allow the heat from his fires to vent. To this day employees still have a hard time keeping that door shut as Jacob still wants to keep it open.

Ghostly wraith coming for you. This stock image has a horizontal composition.

Elizabeth Pratt, also known as the Screaming Woman, is an apparition who haunts the Officer’s Quarters. Elizabeth hung herself soon after the death of her daughter. The police still get calls in regards to a woman screaming inside the fort.

Inside Casemate 5 which served as a prison block during the Civil War, is the home of Billy Howe. Billy was convicted of murder and sentenced to hang. He was the only prisoner ever executed inside the fort. He can still be seen sitting on his cot inside Casemate 5.


During the Civil War, many Confederate Soldiers met their demise inside the walls of Fort Mifflin from illness, disease, or wounds suffered in battle. Some visitors have reported seeing faceless men wearing Confederate uniforms walking through the Casements.

Now if you’re looking for a more guided tour of the fort, there’s a friendly tour guide who will take you around the grounds. You’ll recognize him as the one dressed as a Revolutionary War soldier. The problem is that he’s not actually on staff anymore because apparently he died during the siege of the fort in 1777. However, those who few have gone on his tour have reported that he does a great job.


What’s really fascinating about this site is that the curators at Fort Mifflin have embraced the Fort’s paranormal side. Fort Mifflin makes itself available for private paranormal investigation. All you have to do is call and book a date. They also allow for groups to stay overnight in order to conduct their own investigation. So the next time you’re in Philly, maybe consider staying in Fort Mifflin instead of a hotel!


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