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Millions Shocked by This Footage of a “Haunted” Playground Swing

When parents take their kids to the local playground for some summer fun, they often come back with phone-cam footage of the young folks at play. Sometimes those videos even go viral — usually due to a kid doing something precious like pretending she’s a zombie and biting her brother.

But when Scott Denton took his kids to a playground in Warwick, Rhode Island, he saw something that made him immediately reach for his phone… not to record a cute family moment, but to document an event that scared the hell out of him and his family.

Denton hadn’t even left the car when he was stunned to see one of the playground swings moving on its own… despite there being no one anywhere near the area and absolutely no wind blowing.

Image Credit: Scott Denton via Facebook
Image Credit: Scott Denton via Facebook

He shot the following live Facebook video of the bizarre phenomenon, which subsequently creeped out millions of viewers since he first streamed it on June 23.

“There’s nobody out there,” he tells the camera. “This has been going on for about two minutes. There’s no wind right now, and this thing’s swingin’ like crazy.”

All the while, the other swings move very little, or not at all. The kids are too afraid to even consider leaving the vehicle… except one girl, who wants to try out the mystery swing herself. I like this kid.

Image Credit: Scott Denton via Facebook
Image Credit: Scott Denton via Facebook

“You can’t go on that today, sorry,” Denton tells her, laughing nervously.

While many FB users have weighed in with their own theories about the clip, it should be noted that the skies seen above the playground look rather ominous, which suggests some kind of cyclonic wind disturbance might be involved… although that still doesn’t explain why there’s no visible dust circulating in the area, despite the dry, sandy soil on the ground below the swing.

Yahoo News notes that another Rhode Islander claimed to have seen that same exact swing “going crazy,” and said so in the video’s comment thread. “It’s gonna knock someone out one day,” they wrote.

Denton recorded a follow-up video on a later date, “just for the haters” who claim that the swing simply moves that way normally. In the new clip, the swing is absolutely motionless… but note that it’s also a clear, sunny day.

P.S. As of this writing, the video has racked up nearly six million views.