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The Strange Surreal Sculptures Of Shary Boyle

Art is, of course, subjective. But we here at tend to have eclectic and eccentric tastes when it comes to the things we like. Weird, slightly off-kilter, unconventional art always catches my eye. And so I was pleasantly surprised when I was introduced to the work of Shary Boyle via a profile on the Dangerous Minds website. Their piece focused primarily on her strange sculptures, but I followed the link back to her website and found that the artist is doing interesting things in all mediums.

Let’s start with this amazing commissioned piece titled “Sea Change” done for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in response to their Inuit Art Collection. This gorgeous work is made of porcelain, china paint, luster and plexiglass. And I already want to see the movie version of it!

1MBAM1-637x1024 3MBAM3-681x1024

How about the sculptures, themselves? You can find a handful back on the original Dangerous Minds article, but here are a few other examples that stood out to me.

Clover Leaf, 2014. Porcelain, silver luster. 12 x 35 x 20 cm
Manners I, 2014. Profile view, 24 x 20 x 40 cm
Uakari, 2014. Porcelain, china paint, fur. 21 x 26 x 25 cm
The Gondolier, 2014. Porcelain, glazes, gold chain and wire. 20 x 20 x 60 cm
Family, 2010. Porcelain, china paint, luster. 22 x 20 x 28 cm
Untitled, 2005. Porcelain, china paint, lustre. 18 x 14 x 14 cm

Her paintings and drawings also have the same, strange surrealistic quality to them as well.

Silkworm / for AY (Highland series), 2007. Oil on panel. 75 x 60 cm
Silkworm / for AY (Highland series), 2007. Oil on panel. 75 x 60 cm
Detroit Is Burning, 2014. Ink and gouache on paper. 107 x 120 cm
Detroit Is Burning, 2014. Ink and gouache on paper. 107 x 120 cm

There’s so much more to be discovered over at Shary Boyle’s official website, so I recommend heading over there, skimming through the various sections and signing up for her mailing list. You can also “like” her official artist Facebook page right here.


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