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EXORCIST III Getting A Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray From Scream Factory!

It’s been rumored since December of last year, and now Scream Factory has confirmed what we hoped! They will be unleashing a “collector’s edition” Blu-Ray of William Peter Blatty’s much-celebrated EXORCIST sequel, EXORCIST III: LEGION! It arrives on October 25th, just in time for the Halloween season in a 2 disc set. And while features are still being sorted out, there will be two cuts, including Blatty’s infamous director’s cut.

The label were quick to clarify, “Will there be a “Director’s Cut” of the film? The answer is yes—but with some caveats. We are working on putting together a version that will be close to Blatty’s original script using a mixture of various film and video tape sources that we have been provided with. This is still a work in progress and we will update you with more details at the time we announce the full list of bonus materials.”

Regardless, getting a special edition of EXORCIST III, quite frankly the only of the sequels worthy of the original, is a horror fan’s dream come true. So we’ll keep you posted on the details as they come in. You can pre-order right now directly from Shout Factory. Below is the newly designed cover art by Joel Robinson. And be sure to read William Bibbiani’s article on EXORCIST III right here.