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Don’t Hate! Your Childhood Is Still Intact

This may sound weird coming from a guy who wrote a whole thing not that long ago about how we need to stop supporting bad horror movies, but I think we all need to take a step back and quit hating.

If you read my piece on bad horror movies and not supporting them, I hope I got the point across at the end – there is no factual “bad.” You may not have liked, for example, THE DARKNESS, but other people did. Are they wrong to like it? No, because that is their opinion. Still, that isn’t even the real issue – the real issue is that too often, we judge movies without seeing them. Hell, with the marvel of the internet, many of us judge movies before filming has even started. We need to cut that shit out.

2 Dont Hate
OFFICE SPACE (1999) 20th Century Fox

With remakes or movies based on comics/TV shows, we often hear the complaint that the movie will ruin someone’s childhood. I’m not fully clear on how that person’s childhood has been ruined. Far as I know, when the new GHOSTBUSTERS comes out, government forces will not be sent house to house to confiscate DVDs and Blu Rays of the previous GHOSTBUSTERS movies. At no point when I was watching the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES did someone come out and erase my memories of the old comics and cartoon.

What ruins your childhood is a refusal to grow up. If you’re over 16, the Turtles are not for you anymore. Move on. If a remake of a movie that came out 30 years ago sends you into hysterics, you need to see a therapist as soon as possible because you are unstable.

Your childhood memories are fine. They are right there in your brain and as long as you don’t sustain any major head trauma, they will be there for a long time.

3 Dont Hate
Sometimes people will complain that an actor or director or studio only made a movie to make money. You may not realize it, but no movie has ever been made to lose money. Warner Brothers didn’t make MICHAEL COLLINS because they felt people needed to know about the life of the Irish freedom fighter, they made it because they thought they could make money off it. Sean Cunningham didn’t have a deep need to tell the story of Mrs. Voorhees murdering camp counselors, he wanted to make a profitable film so his company could continue to make movies.

Every movie is a cash grab. Everything you see in a theater or for rent at your local Redbox is people trying to make a living by providing entertainment. Sometimes that entertainment happens to teach us about a piece of history we may not know, or even connects with us on a deep, emotional level, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the benjamins.

Look around on Facebook or Twitter or, if you dare, message boards for various sites that cover movies, and you’ll see people who are furious over movies they never want to see. I’m not going to say what movies these quotes are connected to, but here are a few things I read on multiple sites, all about movies that have not come out yet, including one that hasn’t started filming:

Fuck this movie
This will be a steaming pile of shit
The premise of the movie is impossible
How fucking scary can it be. Its pussy pg 13.
Once again it shows that neither audiences nor major studios know what makes a great movie anymore.
I hope [Director of movie] gets AIDS and dies


Why spend time spewing hate about something you haven’t seen? What do you gain from this? Why not spend that time on things you like? Try and spread the word on a movie or comic or show or band that you think more people should know about?

Why personally attack an actor/writer/director who has made movies you didn’t enjoy? What is your goal? Do you go to McDonalds and shout obscenities at the person making burgers because you don’t like Big Macs? Do you wish AIDS on your neighbor because you don’t like the color he chose for his car? Why are you so invested in things that you don’t need to give a shit about? Why would you wish pain on someone who is just trying to make something for people to enjoy and connect to?

How much time do we spend (and I say we because I’ve been guilty of this kind of thinking too – no holier than thou garbage here) focused on entertainment properties that we don’t enjoy that we could instead be using to enjoy the things we do like?

To be clear, this is not to say there is no purpose to criticism. What I’m discussing is not criticism – it is hate for no good reason. Didn’t like THE CONJURING 2? That’s cool. But if all you can say is “That movie sucks” what are you adding to the conversation? Why did you think it sucked? What movies do you think worked better with the same ideas? Help spread what you enjoy so that more people can enjoy it too.

Spend more time talking about the things you love, and I bet you’ll enjoy your life a little more. Hell, maybe even a lot more.

*Header Photo: GLADIATOR (2000) Universal Pictures


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