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Watch The Full Length Feature Comedy TEX MONTANA WILL SURVIVE!

Once in a blue moon, an ambitious low-budget indie film will slip through the cracks and force you to take notice. For me, that film was THE BATTERY. Over on our pre-Shock Waves podcast, Killer POV, all 3 of us were strong advocates for this little-zombie-movie-that-could and even had a stellar, candid chat with writer/director/star Jeremy Gardner on episode 43. Thankfully, our friends over at Scream Factory released THE BATTERY on Blu-Ray. The movie itself is great, but that package is worth it for the excellent and inspiring full length making-of documentary included.

We’ve been keeping tabs on what Gardner, his directing partner and cinematographer, Christian Stella, and producer Adam Cronheim would be cooking up next ever since. And it turned out to be the comedy feature TEX MONTANA WILL SURVIVE! After being called out as being a total fraud, famed & disgraced TV survival host/personality Tex Montana decides to go out into the wild for 30 days and prove he is as legit as they come. He opts to take on this task with no crew or help of any kind; just him, his camera and the wilderness. Well, let’s just say Tex may not know all that much about actual survival.

The way that O. Hannah Films went about releasing TEX MONTANA is a story in itself. They took to Kickstarter, and if they met their goal, they would release the movie for free via the Creative Commons license. Thankfully they reached their goal and you can watch the entire feature in a variety of legal ways online, including on You Tube or embedded below!

As a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign, I just received my physical Blu-Ray / DVD copy a few days back and this sucker is beautiful. The collector in me will always want to add something like this to my movie shelf. Have a look at the intricate packaging below:

IMG_6089 IMG_6090 IMG_6087

If YOU want a copy of the DVD / Blu-Ray combo, there are a handful of copies left directly from the filmmakers themselves. Just shoot an email over to:

If you want to just watch the movie, we invite you to do so below! And if you dig it, spread it! We’re big fans and think the gang made a hilarious flick worth celebrating and talking about. Here’s to the next one!