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Mad Genius Builds Incredibly Dangerous Laser Cannon — and it Works!

The young hobbyist who calls himself “StyroPro” doesn’t exactly look like a James Bond villain or a SkyNet-designed cyborg… but the weapon he just built and tested in his own shop looks like the most ridiculously evil death ray ever invented.

As reported recently in Popular Science, the extreme laser enthusiast had previously designed and constructed a functional “Laser Shotgun,” a 40-watt laser cannon which ignites ping-pong balls (you can see him demonstrate that one here). But his latest creation is also his most powerful… and most dangerous.

Image Credit: StyroPro via YouTube
Image Credit: StyroPro via YouTube

Operating on a similar principle to his earlier device, the Laser Bazooka (which he built entirely out of scrap parts) packs an epic 200 watts, powering a cluster of lasers and routing them through a focusing lens into what is essentially a single giant blue beam of destruction.

You can watch StyroPro test-fire the bazooka in the clip below, which can also be found on his YouTube channel, along with tests of the laser shotgun and other diabolical devices.

In the clip, the inventor explains that extreme eye protection is necessary to stand anywhere near the beam as it fires, since even a ½-watt laser can damage your eyes (by comparison, a common laser-pointer is less than .005 watts), so imagine what a 200-watt beam can do — considering it’s 400 times more powerful than the maximum wattage rated safe by the FDA, and looking anywhere near it would likely cause instant blindness.

Image Credit: StyroPro via YouTube
Image Credit: StyroPro via YouTube

The beam can also decimate aluminum, wood, barium and other materials, and makes for quite a show when aimed at flash powder or a set of balloons.

StyroPro claims that his new death-ray is “probably the most powerful portable laser ever built by a hobbyist,” but according to Popular Science, he’s already working on something even more devastating.