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Watch This Amazing Musical Love Letter to FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V

I’ll tell you this straight-up: I consider FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING one of my favorite slasher movies of all time.

It’s one of the least-loved among the franchise (mostly for one reason, which you’ll know if you’ve seen it), but I’m not the only one who finds it one of the most entertaining installments in the series… and this recently-premiered music video from alt-folk artist Wolfie’s Just Fine (a.k.a. Jon Lajoie) totally proves it.


I’m not really well-versed in the indie folk genre, but I can tell from the lyrics of “A New Beginning” that Lajoie totally gets me.

If you listen closely, the song itself is a love poem to the character of Tina, a voluptuous nymphet played in FRIDAY V by Debi Sue Voorhees (yes, that’s her real name), who is known not only for her willingness to disrobe, but for her messy death via a pair of large pruning shears.


The video — co-directed and edited by Lajoie himself — then follows the thoughts of a young boy watching FRIDAY V on television (I’m gonna guess he’s the young version of Lajoie himself) during the scene of Tina’s murder.


As a young horror fan might be inclined to do, he falls instantly in love with the young lady, and his infatuation with her (and the film itself) becomes so intense that he mentally edits himself into the action.


If that’s not enough to get you watching this clip, then I’m not sure what I can do to help you.