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Our 5 Favorite PURGE Villains

This election year has been a trying one, and we just finished the primaries. It is fitting that, this Friday, THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR hits theaters. Hopefully, the dystopian near-future politics of the fictitious film will take my mind off the dire state of real-life politics. Then again, after re-watching the first two PURGE movies, I am a little concerned that a real-life Purge could be just around the corner.

Anyway, to get my mind (and hopefully yours) off the terror of real-life politics, let’s take a look at some of the worst villains (so far) from THE PURGE franchise. Hopefully, they won’t become a reality.

Polite Stranger from THE PURGE

The “polite stranger” is the ultimate personification of the class warfare going on in THE PURGE. He is rich, well dressed, and believes that he is owed the opportunity to kill the poor and homeless. It is his sense of entitlement (and calling his homeless victim a pig) that makes him an evil embodiment of “the one percent.”


Female Freaks from THE PURGE

Evil girls in scary masks, dancing around like demented children in flowing white dresses. Enough said.


Crazy proselytizer on the roof from THE PURGE: ANARCHY

There were not enough female Purgers in ANARCHY; she is the only one I can recall seeing. She makes it onto the list mainly because she was hilariously over-the-top.


“Old Elegant Woman” from THE PURGE: ANARCHY

Hey, that’s her name in the credits. I prefer to think of her as “Evil Auctioneer.” This lady gleefully held an auction (there was no bidding, but it came off like an auction) to see who would pay the most to murder a group of poor unfortunates scooped up off the street. It’s not just the fact that she is essentially a pimp of death; it’s the fact that she is so damned cheery about the whole thing. She and her cronies delight in watching the activities – I hope those assholes had to pay, too. What is even more fascinating is that she is completely astounded that those being purged turned against her. She was shocked that someone would dare carjack her.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.05.10 PM

The New Founding Fathers of America from THE PURGE: ANARCHY

The idea that The Purge is good for society is debatable at best, but in THE PURGE, the NFFA was not really made a character. The first film was small and focused exclusively on one family’s Purge Night struggle. In the broader scope of THE PURGE: ANARCHY, the NFFA was personified by Big Daddy, but I blame the evilness on the organization as a whole. It was clear from the start of the movie that the NFFA were targeting poor tenements in the city. Whereas in the first movie, the idea that The Purge was a war on the poor was just a conspiracy theory (though an accurate one), in the second film, it is a blatant fact.

The Purge: Anarchy

THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR hits theaters this Friday.