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We here at absolutely love what the fine fiends of Screen Junkies do on a regular basis. Their love of movies is evident in the content they produce, and even when they’re a bit snarky by nit-picking at movies with their “Honest Trailers” series, it’s done out of complete love! I mean, look – the MAN OF STEEL and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movies had to be called out.

But what happens when they come across a nearly perfect movie where there’s nothing really to complain about?

These usually end up being my absolute favorite Honest Trailer segments. The one for DIE HARD for example I watch regularly. When I’m telling people about Screen Junkies, I usually go right to their honest trailer for ROBOCOP, which starts out talking about the remake before defaulting to a celebration for the masterpiece original. Even the Russo Brothers, director’s behind CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER very consciously tried to make their sequel “honest trailer proof.”

Summer is upon us. The beach is on our mind. And for us morbid horror loving fiends, so is JAWS. So this latest entry in the “Honest Trailers” series sets it’s sights on Steven Spielberg’s infamous classic! Kick back, relax and enjoy a 5 minute love letter to one of the greatest, most celebrated blockbusters of all time!