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Catching Up On SHOCK WAVES! A Run-Down On The Produced Podcast

Did you know that produces an original horror talk show podcast called SHOCK WAVES? Hopefully you’re already on board with the show, hosted by myself, editor-in-chief Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane, but if you’re not (and since we’re on a brief hiatus from new episodes at the moment), we thought now was as good a time as any to catch you up on what we’ve been up to!

The weekly podcast airs every Wednesday morning at 7AM and can be accessed either directly here on the Blumhouse website via our “Podcasts” page, or you can search for it on iTunes and subscribe there. It’s also currently available on Google Play and Stitcher, so plenty of ways to listen!

The show is broken down into 3 sections. In the first part, the hosts catch up on all the latest horror movies they’ve seen, both contemporary and classic. If you’re looking for recommendations of good genre material, this portion is for you! Then we check in with Blumhouse Productions head of development Ryan Turek, formally of Shock Till You and former co-host of his own podcast, The Bloodcast. He usually checks in and gives one horror recommendation a week. Could be a movie title, could be music. But rest assured, it’s always something good!

Lastly, we welcome a very special guest from the movie industry for a lengthy, candid chat about their work and their personal love of the genre. Whether it’s a director, writer, actor, shop owner, artist, etc., it’s our love of scary movies that brings us together and we celebrate that with our interview segments every week. Here’s a breakdown of each episode thus far!

Episode 1: The Roboot! (Air date: 5/11/16)

In the first episode of the Shock Waves podcast, get to know your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they delve into a number of horror topics, including first horror convention experiences, first time they recognized a genre celebrity in something other than a horror movie, the classic titles they’d most like to see on Blu-Ray and much, much more. Ryan Turek chimes in to give us his horror pick of the week, and then we’re joined by special guest Tony Giles, co-host of the soundtrack-based podcast The Damn Fine Cast and contributor here on to discuss some of the latest tunes spinning on our turntables.

Episode 2: We Still Scream For Scream Factory! (Air date: 5/18/16)

On episode 2 of Shock Waves, the gang catch up on all the latest horrors, Ryan Turek checks in with his horror pick of the week, and then we’re joined by very special guests Cliff MacMillan and Jeff Nelson from Scream Factory. Having been regular guests on the trio’s previous show Killer POV, they delve right into a number of topics revolving around the changes within the home video market over the years, their “Summer Of Fear” promotion, the lengthy process that goes into acquiring some of their titles, their first original movie FENDER BENDER and the controversies surrounding their JEEPERS CREEPERS release. Get insight into the workings of a horror home video distribution company.

Episode 3: SpectreVision (Air date: 5/25/16)


On the 3rd episode of Shock Waves, the trio discuss their latest horror recommendations, Ryan checks in to gush about THE STUFF, and then all 3 hosts (along with Turek) welcome special guests Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh Waller, the talents behind the genre production company SpectreVision. They chat about everything from their earliest horror experiences, how they initially met and partnered up, working with upcoming filmmakers on projects such as A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, TOAD ROAD, COOTIES and more, and how Elijah chooses which of their projects to star in. It’s fascinating insight into one of the most interesting genre production companies out there.

Episode 4: The Horrors Of Mike Flanagan (Air date: 6/1/16)


Join your Shock Waves hosts as they talk about the latest horrors they’ve seen. Rob introduces the first “now spinning” segment where he plays a piece of soundtrack music from the short film COVEN, then Ryan Turek checks in with his horror pick of the week. Our special guest is writer/director Mike Flanagan, the filmmaker behind HUSH, OCULUS, ABSENTIA and the upcoming OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL! In this candid chat, we learn about the uphill battle to make OCULUS happen, his love of Stephen King and starting “Dreamcatcher Day,” his take on GERALD’S GAME, about the script he wrote for the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER remake and so much more!

Episode 5: The Resurrection Of A Hollywood Horror Director (Air date: 6/8/16)


On Episode 5 of Shock Waves, first Elric Kane and Rob discuss the Korean thriller THE WAILING, then we check in with Bekah reporting back from the Phoenix Comic Con. Ryan stops by with his horror pick of the week, VENOM! In our main interview segment, Rob sits down for a candid one on one interview with writer/director Mark Pavia who has one of the most incredible stories within the entertainment business. His early shorts led him to adapt material for Stephen King and Clive Barker. His directorial debut was King’s NIGHT FLIER. He went on to script an unproduced sequel with King, as well as come close to helming various projects such as SICK NICK, DEADWORLD and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake. But it wasn’t until this year’s FENDER BENDER, 19 years after his directorial debut that he got the opportunity to direct again. A great behind-the-scenes look at how the industry works, listen to Pavia’s cautionary tale and it will inspire you never to give up!

Episode 6: The Masters Of Horror Vs THE FLY! (Air date: 6/15/16)


For episode 6, Rob, Elric and Bekah catch up on the latest horrors including THE CONJURING 2. Ryan and Rob then spin some music selections from the soundtracks to TENTACLES and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3. Then we welcome “Masters Of Horror” Mick Garris and William Malone to discuss in great detail THE FLY franchise! It’s a great, fun chat among horror loving friends and a must listen if you’ve loved any of THE FLY movies. Plus, a little story about the original STAR WARS and an analysis of what makes a great adaptation!

Episode 7: Twisted Tales With The Soska Sisters! (Air date: 6/22/16)

Episode 7 kicks off a bit differently than usual as hosts Rob G, Elric and Bekah answer listener questions from our social media pages before checking in with Ryan for his latest horror pick of the week! Our special guests are Jen and Sylvia Soska, the “Twisted Twins,” behind the films AMERICAN MARY, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, VENDETTA, SEE NO EVIL 2, and the upcoming RABID remake. We also talk about David Cronenberg, the challenges from film to film and what it’s like to host the hit TV series HELLEVATOR!

Once again, regular new episodes will resume starting on July 13th, so be sure to subscribe via iTunes. You can also keep track of the Shock Waves gang via the official Facebook page or Twitter. Join in the conversation, will you?

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