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Watch The Original Coen Bros BLOOD SIMPLE Pitch Trailer with Bruce Campbell!

Now this is super cool.

When it comes to first starting out in the film business, most filmmakers often try to come up with a short pitch film or trailer to showcase the story they want to tell. Basically, this is a way of convincing potential financiers that they’re more than capable of making a movie and can clearly illustrate their story and style. But it’s always fun to look back at well established filmmakers humble beginnings. And who better to focus on that Joel and Ethan Coen.

Vanity Fair (by way of The Scene) uncovered a cool relic – the original investor’s trailer for BLOOD SIMPLE, the Coen Brothers first feature length film. And you’ll recognize that actor playing the doomed Julian Marty. Why it’s none other than Bruce Campbell! Have a look!

To anyone that knows the history between Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert & Bruce with the Coen Brothers, none of this should come as a surprise. Both filmmaking troupes were good friends when they first started out and the Coen’s were merely following the example set by their friend Sam who had already successfully raised the financing for THE EVIL DEAD. According to an interview on the upcoming new Criterion release of BLOOD SIMPLE, the Coen’s explain that they shot the above trailer over the course of a 3 day President’s Day weekend just outside of New York City so they could rent the camera for 3 days and only pay for 1. What’s impressive is that the trademark style and vibe of the film is evident right there in this preview.

A year after this, the Coen brothers penned the script for CRIMEWAVE, Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD follow-up which turned out to be one of the worst filmmaking experiences all of them have ever had. Campbell was always intended as the lead, but was forced into a smaller role by the producers. Regardless of the trouble it was making CRIMEWAVE, Shout Factory put out a stellar Blu-Ray release of the quirky pic, which definitely showcases the lunacy that both Raimi and the Coens are capable of. Campbell also gives a recent candid interview on the disc about what went wrong!

Criterion will put out a Blu-Ray and DVD version of BLOOD SIMPLE, culled from a brand new 4K scan in September, but on July 1st, there will be select limited theatrical engagements as well, for those that want to see it on the big screen!