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5 Horror Villains Who Are Begging For Their Own Action Figures

As a lifelong buyer of toys, my office is absolutely cluttered with collectibles, so much so that I’m literally surrounded by my favorite horror characters every time I sit down to write. And at this point, there are very few iconic horror villains who aren’t represented on my shelves. I can remember a time, not even all that long ago, when the likes of Freddy and Jason were the only ones who had their own action figures, but here in 2016, it’s quite a different story.

Looking around, I see villains like Pumpkinhead, Sam from TRICK ‘R TREAT, Norman Bates, Pamela Voorhees, the Tall Man, Tarman, Candyman, Stuntman Mike, Pennywise, Regan MacNeil, the titular DEVIL’S REJECTS, creatures from THE THING, the shark from JAWS, and even a Crite from CRITTERS, so needless to say, we’re pretty damn spoiled right now. And that’s a wonderful thing.

But what about the horror villains who have been left out in the cold? That list is becoming smaller and smaller with each passing year, but there are still a handful of favorites who haven’t been turned into toys, action figures, or collectibles of any sort. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Here are 5 horror villains who are just begging for their own toys!


Victor Crowley
Fans often complain that new horror villains aren’t being created in the modern era, but that simply is not true. Back in 2006, Adam Green brought his childhood creation to life in the form of tragic monster Victor Crowley, who is of course the star of the HATCHET franchise. Played by Kane Hodder, Crowley is a physically imposing villain plucked straight out of the 1980s, and it’s about time he joined his fellow slasher icons on the toy shelf. Naturally, a Crowley figure would have to come with his trademark hatchet, and an impossibly long chainsaw would make for a nice addition. Crowley has his own Halloween mask, so where the hell is the toy?!


Horace Pinker
Wes Craven may not have hit a home run with the attempted franchise-starter SHOCKER, released in 1989, but the fan favorite film serves as the perfect example of how good Craven was even when he failed. A scenery-chewing, one-liner spouting Mitch Pileggi stars as Horace Pinker, a sadistic television repairman who gains body-swapping powers after a botched execution via electric chair. Pinker may not have become a horror icon on the level of Freddy Krueger, nor did the film spawn so much as one sequel, but there’s no denying that both villain and movie are fondly remembered by most horror fans today. Pinker would be a natural fit for NECA’s retro-style line, outfitted with a real fabric prison jumpsuit.


Several of the key players in James Cameron’s ALIENS reunited for Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 gem NEAR DARK, which may very well be the best vampire film ever made. Bill Paxton arguably steals the whole show as Severen, a super cool vampire who loves nothing more than to slit throats, rip off faces, and of course, drink copious amounts of blood. Paxton’s over-the-top performance seals the deal on NEAR DARK being one of the genre’s very best, and it’s for that reason that it’s somewhat criminal he doesn’t have his own action figure. Towards the end of the film, Severen is run over by an 18-wheeler, and his mutilated appearance would make for one of the coolest horror toys ever made.


Billy Chapman
Christmas horror films often don’t get the respect that they deserve, as the sub-genre has given rise to some of the best and most interesting horror films ever made. One of the best is of course 1984 slasher flick SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, which is infamous for spawning boycotts from angry parents that resulted in it being pulled from theaters. The film, which sets itself apart from the slasher pack by focusing on the killer rather than his victims, tracks the life of Billy Chapman, who as a child witnessed his parents get brutally murdered by a man dressed as Santa. When he grows up, Billy dons a Santa suit and goes on a killing spree of his own. Given the growing popularity of the film, I could totally see NECA offering up a Comic-Con exclusive Billy toy, which would of course be dressed in a Santa suit, with a big ole beard hanging off his chin, and would come complete with that iconic double-headed axe.


Angela Baker
We’ve talked about toys based on female horror icons in the past here on Blumhouse, of which there sadly aren’t all that many. And if there’s any femme fatale that most certainly deserves one, it’s the gender-bending Angela Baker from cult classic slasher film SLEEPAWAY CAMP. One of the most shocking twists in the genre’s history, the film ends with Angela removing her clothes and revealing that she was born a boy, and the image of her screaming face and, well, her big ole bush, is forever etched into the nightmares of horror fans the world over. There’s probably not a toy company in the world who would have the balls (lol) to make it, but an Angela figure with an alternate “screaming” head and removable clothes would probably be one of the most must-own toys to ever hit the market.

Or am I the only sicko that actually wants that? Very well then.

Which horror villains do YOU wish would get their own action figures? We’d love to know who you’re dying to play with, so tweet us @BLUMHOUSE with your picks!