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The 5 Strangest Haunted Locales in America

I set out to make a list of the five most haunted houses in America, but while researching I noticed that the same houses mentioned over and over. Houses like the Winchester Mystery House, the Amityville house, and The White House are always the major contenders when it comes to popular stateside haunts. So that got me thinking about stranger haunted places in America, the indie bands of haunts if you will. Here are five incredibly fascinating and very strange haunted locations! And just to make it more interesting, I am currently writing this article from one of the haunted locales below.

The Haunted Arby’s – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Arby’s Meat Mountain (yes, that’s a real sandwich) isn’t the only frightening secret this fast food eatery is hiding. The Colorado Springs Arby’s has been had ghost troubles ever since the manager was gunned down in the parking lot by one of his employees back in 1996. Since then, people have reported hearing whispers and seeing objects move about all by themselves.


Wal-Mart – Panorama City, CA

The Wal-Mart in Panorama City, California offers more than everyday low prices. It also is said to have a restless spirit running around on the third floor. Some say it is the ghost of a woman who was killed in an elevator accident. However, after a little research, I found the actual event that that story may have been based on. In 1985, when the building was occupied by The Broadway department store, Durrell Beazer and two of his friends got stuck in the elevator. Durrell crawled out through the escape hatch, but unfortunately the elevator started moving again and ended up crushing the 15-year-old. I will say, as a person who has seen someone get mugged in the parking lot of the Panorama City Wal-Mart, what goes on outside that Wal-mart is likely scarier than the potential ghost inside.



Trails West Golf Course – Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

During the days of Westward expansion, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas was a popular layover for weary travelers. In 1880, Hiram and Catherine Sutter were passing through on their way west when their two children disappeared while gathering wood outside the fort. The Sutters remained at the fort through the winter in hopes that their children would be found, but as it got colder their hopes quickly diminished. That Winter, Catherine died of pneumonia, and in the Spring Hiram moved on to Indiana. Even though the children were found years later living with the Fox Indians, Catherine’s ghost still searches for her children. Many claim to have seen her wondering the golf course built on the same land where the children were sent to fetch wood. Those who have seen her claim she is still holding a lantern and searching for her children.

A golf cart silhouette. Power cart is positioned on a golf course on a hill. Set of golf clubs are on the back of the cart. Cart is positioned right behind the sun for drama. Nobody is in the image, which was taken with a Canon Mark II 5D camera body and an L series lens.


Rocky Mount Rest Stop – Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Located off of the heavily traveled I-95 in North Carolina, there is a rest stop that offers more than just a bathroom and some vending machines. At the Rocky Mount Rest Stop, you may just find yourself sharing the bathroom with a ghostly apparition. Locals say the spirit of two people who died there, one from a heart attack and the other from hanging himself, still haunt the rest stop. Others report seeing ghostly apparitions in the woods just outside the rest stop, and a few people have reported hearing someone knock on there car doors just as they were pulling in.

Public Restrooms


The Coral Café – Burbank, California

This 24-hour diner has been a Burbank (part of Los Angeles) landmark for decades. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here right now writing this article. It seems like any ordinary diner. Its décor is somewhere between a Denny’s and 1990’s hotel lobby. You would think that the extremely obscure movie posters and damn fine burgers might be the claim to fame, but the diner’s ghostly apparitions are what it has become most well-known for. Some have reported seeing an old woman occupying one of the booths who mysteriously disappears whenever someone goes over to take her order. A small girl has been heard running around the backroom, but when employees g0 to check on the noise, no one is there. Employees have also said that another spirit likes to turn the bathroom faucets on an off. Even with its haunted happenings, The Coral Café is a great place to write and has the best coffee in Los Angeles.




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