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Rob Zombie’s Latest Music Video “Medication For The Melancholy” Is Upon Us!

With Rob Zombie’s latest album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser out in the world, the artist has been keeping a pretty consistent stream of new music videos coming out to accompany each track on his latest opus. The newest one is for the tune “Medication For The Melancholy,” a straight forward rock song and video featuring Zombie and company rockin’ out in a traditional rehearsal space. It’s short, sweet and pretty cool! Have a look and listen!

There are several other videos from the album, which you can access via Rob Zombie’s You Tube page. The album’s out now, so you can buy it wherever music is sold, including at this iTunes link!

And on the horror front, have you seen the trailer for his latest feature 31? If not, watch that right here!


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