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Rural Explorer Enters a Long-Abandoned Farmhouse… and Finds Something Horrifying Inside

Urban Exploration (a.k.a. UrbEx, UrbX, or just “Creeping” in some circles) is definitely a thing — especially among photographers, extreme tourists and scare-seekers who take their nightmares straight up (with a twist of potential paranormal shenanigans) by digging through the rubble of abandoned locations.

Urbex’s country cousin, Rural Exploration, hasn’t made quite enough press until recently — which seems weird to me, given the cinematically nightmarish possibilities presented by a remote abandoned farmhouse, stockyard or granary. Having grown up in the American Midwest, I’ve visited dozens of spooky sites like this… and believe me, you wouldn’t want to spend much time there after dark.

Rural explorer Ryan Jamison, however, has made this his specialty, and he’s breaking new ground in that field (pardon the pun) by way of his Instagram account and YouTube channel RuralX, where you can browse galleries of chilling locations just like the one pictured here… but it’s this particular spot I’d like to feature today.

According to Jamison, the house shown here was boarded up for half a century, visited only by “kids and a few raccoons” (who managed to trash the place pretty thoroughly) before the owner — who planned to demolish the house — finally consented to allow cameras inside.

Oddly enough, while the probing camera reveals many strange and unsettling things among the rubble, Jamison didn’t initially catch one small detail, which was later pointed out by astute viewers — what appears to be a human skull inside a baby’s crib.

Image Credit: RuralX via YouTube
Image Credit: RuralX via YouTube

Speculation about the macabre object soon eventually blew up on social media, and caught the attention of extreme tourism, exploration, photography and history sites — such as Only in Your State, which showcased the video last weekend.

Now it’s your turn: watch the clip for yourself and see if you can find it…