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UPDATE: Watch John Carpenter’s Entire Panel Discussion With The New York Film Academy

There’s no shortage of great John Carpenter interviews online these days, especially with his tremendously-deserved resurge in popularity as a result of his two “Lost Themes” albums and current tour. But it’s always fun to look back on different discussions he’s given over the years for context.

His hour long chat with students of the New York Film Academy, immediately following a screening of his classic 1982 remake of THE THING, has recently surfaced online and if you’re a fan, it’s a compelling, worthwhile watch.

This probably dates back about 5 years ago as one of the students asks John his thoughts on the “upcoming THING prequel,” which would place this in early 2011, but regardless of that, the video was only recently uploaded to the official New York Film Academy You Tube page. When I discovered it, I intended only to watch a few minutes, but John is in such top form with his responses and I found it so engaging that I sat and watched the entire hour-long chat.

Here it is embedded below for your convenience. Recommended viewing! Learn from the master!

UPDATE: The original video has been taken down due to the overwhelming negative backlash caused by countless sites running pieces on John Carpenter’s out of context comments regarding Rob Zombie and his handling of HALLOWEEN. In jest, he replied to a question by saying, “that piece of shit lied about me!” Rather than focusing on the hour long informative chat Carpenter gave to the students, this is all that’s been making the rounds. Thankfully, the audio of the entire panel remains at the following embed. Enjoy it for what it is!


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