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Watch the World’s Most Epic Dad Turn His Four-Year-Old Into an Action Movie Star

This has been a pretty rough week for all of us, so I thought maybe I could do my small part to help by ushering a little awesomeness into your weekend.

As kids, we’ve always imagined ourselves as our favorite movie, TV and comic book heroes when we’re playing with our toys (and by “toys” I also mean huge cardboard boxes) or rampaging through the playground with our friends. Without all the grown-up baggage to contend with, our imaginations ran free, transforming us into any heroic superhuman, city-stomping monster or ass-kicking secret agent we wanted to be on that particular afternoon.


Well, that just wasn’t enough for the father of ACTION MOVIE KID.

That’s not only a real person, but the title of a crazy popular YouTube channel run by a creative dad with some mad post-production skills, who uses editing programs like Adobe After Effects to transform home videos of his four-year-old son’s everyday play into full-on Hollywood blockbusters.

The father, who goes by the name of Hashi, a.k.a. ActionMovieDad, uses the post-production software to plunge the kid into the heart of STAR WARS, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, INDIANA JONES, THE AVENGERS and just about every other epic blockbuster you can think of.

He also transforms harmless games into seemingly perilous situations: with GET IN THE BOAT! he suddenly morphs a nautical-themed playground into a storm-tossed ocean vessel:

But my personal favorite (to no one’s surprise) is the JAWS-themed thriller JAMES VS. SHARK, inspired by a living-room game that I’m sure you’ve all played in some form or another… and this one features one of the first cameos from Action Movie Kid’s baby sister.

Feel better yet? Did these help at all? Well, at least there’s tons more of these at their YouTube channel.