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Class In Session! Behold This Gorgeous 12 Minute HISTORY OF HORROR in Cinema

Ever get into an excited debate with friends and fellow movie lovers about the greatest horror movie scenes? Or try to explain the genre in your own words to someone that doesn’t “get” horror? Well Diego Carrera created this created this amazing video to guide you through 121 years worth of horror cinema!

The 12 minute tutorial embedded below is titled “THE HISTORY OF HORROR” and it showcases one scene from a horror movie per year, released from 1895 all the way through to 2016. The entire time, it’s accompanied by the musical track “Camino” by Murcof, which makes for a perfect backdrop. It’s truly a stunning example of just how beautiful our beloved genre can be.

Kick back and take the journey through the history of horror over the course of over a century of classic cinema!