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Check Out The Long-Lost Teaser For The Unmade Web-Series MY DEAD GRANDMA

Back in 2010-2011, if you were on the hunt for a quality, unique scary short horror film to scare the pants off of you in 5 minutes of less, you probably stumbled upon the work of writer/director Drew Daywalt. He began making terrifying tales with a twist with filmmaking troupe Fewdio – the most notorious of the bunch being BEDFELLOWS, before branching out under his own banner Daywalt Fear Factory.

I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to help produce a whole slew of short films in that period. They included THE CLOSET with Brea Grant, Kaylee Score and THE CONJURING 2’s “demon nun” Bonnie Aarons; the craigslist cautionary tale of a haunted couch with THE OLD CHAIR starring AJ Bowen; a comedic unicorn yarn titled MEAT with Ed Ackerman and, again, AJ Bowen; and several more, all of which you can still find on You Tube.

There was one particular project that sadly fell between the cracks and got lost. Believe it or not, a mere 5 years back, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon didn’t exist the way they do now. People were still focused on trying to make a “web series” a success. But the technology had not quite caught up with the streaming capabilities and we were convinced that everything was leading to mobile steaming. (And we were right!)

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily watch video content on your phone? Again, 5 years ago, even the You Tube app wasn’t fully functional yet. And so, Daywalt crafted a hilarious 5 episode series titled MY DEAD GRANDMA; HACK/SLASH meets EVIL DEAD 2. What if the vengeful corpse of your demented grandma kept coming back and you couldn’t put her down? If we were going to make it, we didn’t want it to be for the “web,” we wanted it to be something new and exciting. An “app-exclusive series,” the first of it’s type.

While we didn’t have the financing to shoot all 5 episodes, we thought we could pool our friends and resources together to at least shoot a teaser trailer to show the fun, crazy, over-the-top tone of this thing and what it could be. We called in our friends Brea Grant, Natalie Cohen and Spice Williams-Crosby to star. Jeff Farley did the FX and co-produced along with myself and Brad James. It was made very much in the same D.I.Y. spirit of his other shorts and, as such, was a total (messy) blast. Then… it just kind of sat there and was lost in the shuffle. Until now!

I was combing through one of my hard drives when I found a file titled “MY DEAD GRANDMA” teaser. Sure enough, it was that wacky trailer we made 5 years ago. Granted, this particular file was a low-res version made for an iPhone, but it’s still a fun relic of what this series could’ve been. For the first time ever, have a look for yourselves!

If you dug this little tease, we encourage you to explore the Daywalt Fear Factory You Tube page and check out the other short horror films there. Don’t worry. They won’t bite, but they might give you nightmares!