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UPDATE: The Hilarious Truth Behind the “Idaho Bigfoot” Drone Footage!

Well, that didn’t take very long.

Late last week we ran a clip showing an alleged bigfoot sighting in rural Idaho, as shot by a drone camera as it swooped over a field, seemingly capturing a brief glimpse of a large, hairy brown humanoid creature dashing toward the protection of the treeline. Here’s that clip again:

That footage quickly drew over half a million views, while stirring up arguments about its authenticity; the general consensus was that it was a hoax. A well-orchestrated and entertaining one, to be sure, but nevertheless a crock of ape-shit — at least as far as “proof” of Sasquatch is concerned.

Now the filmmakers behind this viral sensation have confirmed that (surprise!) they’ve been pulling a fast one on their internet audience… and they did this in the most awesome way possible: by shooting more videos hilariously “debunking” the original post.


The original uploader, known only by the YouTube handle hardpack101, posted two new clips: one is a much closer drone track of the “monster” itself, which is now obviously a big dude in a cheesy ape suit — which explains why the first fly-by footage was from a much higher altitude, to avoid spoiling the illusion. (Seriously, it looks like an orangutan in footie pajamas.)

Now that you’re done giggling, let’s move on to the second clip, which is just plain goofy. But you should watch anyway… if for no other reason, to figure out what the hell that other dude is supposed to be.


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