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5 Reasons To Get Excited For the Arrival of DEAD RISING 4!

Capcom has released brand new details for DEAD RISING 4 at this year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles, California, set almost 16 years after the original DEAD RISING game, with protagonist Frank West returning to his roots in the good ol’ town of Willamette, Colorado. Frank will have to battle some hardcore new enemies this time around… including the faster-moving “Fresh” and the predatory “Evo” zombies.

If spending the 2016 Holiday Season with Frank West wasn’t enough, here are five more reasons why you should be excited for DEAD RISING 4!

4 Player Co-op

The DEAD RISING games have always been ridiculously fun but it was always lacking one crucial element—the all important multiplayer mode. Sure there was co-op,  but sometimes you like to experience all of the zaniness that DEAD RISING has to offer,  and inviting a few more friends along the way can help you delve into that hardcore zombie-kicking mode to take the fun to the next level. On top of this, DEAD RISING 4 will allow you to combine vehicles and weapons with your buds, which is sure to create an entirely new level of replayability alongside hours of countless entertainment.

DR4 Toy Candy Cane Weapon

Tons of New Toys

Crafting your own weapons and wearing ridiculously cheesy costumes is one of the biggest perks of the DEAD RISING series. The lists of toys arriving in DEAD RISING 4 this holiday season is already mounting and over 26 weapons have been confirmed. Gamers will be able to really get into the holiday spirit with the nifty candy-cane crossbow, fire-breathing triceratops, and ice sword while wearing a reindeer costume!

DR4 Exo Suit

Exo Suit Power Ups

DEAD RISING 4 brings tons of new weapons and costumes all amplified by the powers of the new EXO suit. These EXO suits will allow Frank to gain super strength and amplified firepower from wearing them. Gamers will now be able to use this powerful exo-skeleton to pick up heavy weapons like flamethrowers that they were previously unable to weld. Now you can punch cars, rip out parking meters and really up the blood and gore during combat. And you thought you would only be wearing an Exo Suit in CALL OF DUTY!

DR4 Evolved Zombies

Evolved Zombies

The zombies in DEAD RISING were always predictable and not much of a challenge. The tides have turned with DEAD RISING 4 where the undead have evolved into some fiendish new enemies that may give you a run for your money. Gamers will have to take on freshly new infected that have only recently turned meaning they are faster and more agile than ever before. These zombies can now climb obstacles to catch their snack making it harder to hide from the flesh eaters in DEAD RISING 4.  If that wasn’t bad enough, DEAD RISING 4 has also added a new EVO class of undead that can literally communicate with each other to take you down. You might as well call mom and tell her you aren’t going to make it home for dinner.

DR4 Selfie

Record Every Ridiculous Moment With Selfies

All gamers like to brag about their milestones and gaming achievements—and what better way to do that then with selfies! DEAD RISING 4 not only brings us bigger environments, badder enemies, and better weapons but most importantly—the selfie. Our tech savvy generation is all about taking selfies—think duck face and fish gape—now with a little zombie action in the background. I foresee some real fun to be had with this new mechanic and who isn’t ready to dedicate a whole Instagram to Frank West and his many faces.