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Another “Skull” Spotted on Mars — and Some Say It Looks Like BIGFOOT

Remember when we showed you all that cool stuff on Mars that kinda looks like… well, other stuff? NASA rovers like Spirit, Opportunity and the more recent Curiosity have returned the sharpest, most fascinating high-resolution images from the fourth planet’s surface we’ve ever seen… and given the nature of the human imagination and the quirky phenomenon of pareidolia (seeing patterns where there aren’t any), people have been “identifying” the various rock formations as Martian crabs, lizards, rats and vampires.

A few very creative observers have also claimed some of the formations look like humanoid skulls… and one image in particular seems to depict a Sasquatch-like anthropoid sauntering across the airless wasteland.

Image Credit: NASA
Image Credit: NASA

Now, according to YouTuber Paranormal Crucible, examination of a new Curiosity image (shown above) which NASA released last month reveals what some are claiming to be a combination of the aforementioned illusions: the never-before-seen skull of the rare Martian Sasquatch.

Now, I will openly admit this particular boulder has a very skull-like shape, but only after some high-contrast “enhancement” by the user does it take on more distinctive anthropoid features, making it look quite a bit like an oversized proto-human cranium… if you squint just right.

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