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Is Bigfoot making a comeback? There have been a fair share of Sasquatch related projects in the last few years. Famed comedian and master of the dark comedy Bobcat Goldthwait helmed his version with WILLOW CREEK, BLAIR WITCH co-director Eduardo Sanchez did his version with EXISTS, and Chris Garetano is currently putting together his narrative/documentary hybrid film on the beast with BIGFOOT. But I always welcome a good horror/comedy, and it looks like we’re getting one from writer/director Dan Riesser titled STOMPING GROUND.

Ben and Annie’s relationship takes a turn during a trip back to Annie’s small North Carolina hometown where Ben discovers that not only does his girlfriend believe in Bigfoot, but she’s actually gone out searching for the beast in the neighboring backwoods when she was younger. Paired up with some friends, they decide to take an impromptu hike back into those same woods. But could something actually be out there this time?

STOMPING GROUND is now available on iTunes, as well as DVD, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Vimeo-on-Demand via BRINKvision. But before you delve into the woods with this eccentric bunch of characters, check out this exclusive clip from the film below!

John Bobek, Tarah DeSpain, Jeramy Blackford, and Justin Giddings star. The film features a cameo performance from Theresa Tilly, best known as one of the original “Ladies of the Evil Dead” from Sam Raimi’s horror classic, THE EVIL DEAD.

Filmmaker Dan Riesser, formerly an Emmy-nominated producer on E! Entertainment’s THE SOUP with Joel McHale, wrote, directed and produced STOMPING GROUND as his first feature film.

The writer/director says: “Seeing the film pop up on iTunes was definitely an important milestone for me as a filmmaker. I’m really proud of the film and hope that iTunes opens it up to a whole new audience who digs our weird little blend of indie rom-com and creature horror.”