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This Freaky Post Might Explain Why Snapchat’s Logo is a GHOST

Snapchat users love to give each other the creeps, and every day it seems there’s a new filter available that can transform people into ghosts, aliens, demons, zombies and other horrific creatures.

But who knew one of the silliest and most popular filters — which superimposes the snout, ears and tongue of a slobbering puppy onto your face — would be responsible for some of the creepiest user videos out there.

Image Credit: @espinoziee via Twitter
Image Credit: @espinoziee via Twitter

For example: one Snapchat vid making the rounds lately was shot by a teen named Erin (Twitter handle @espinoziee), who activated the dog-face filter only to discover that the phone’s facial recognition software detected a second face in the room… on the wall behind her.

Image Credit: @espinoziee via Twitter
Image Credit: @espinoziee via Twitter

This could easily be explained away by the fact that the arrangement on the wall behind her vaguely resembles eyes, nose and mouth (including three blue ribbons as “teeth”)… but when Erin begins to address the unseen entity as a “ghost” and asks it to open its mouth, the “face” in the wall suddenly extends its huge tongue.

Since Erin posted the video last week, it’s been retweeted tens of thousands of times and was recently featured on Mashable and Teen Vogue.


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