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The Stellar Art Of Robert Heckman!

Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California is always showcasing some of the most interesting, unique and fun artists in the “dark art” horror scene, but sometimes it can’t all be about horror and darkness! This month, the gallery has curated a selected plethora of paintings from artist Robert Heckman that showcase rock stars, music and movie icons, comic book characters and cult movie characters (yes, including some of our horror themed friends like Uncle Fester and Igor!) – all presented in beautiful black & white oil paintings, with a dash of red!

Heckman is no stranger to the art world. In fact, his history is actually in television animation, but in the last few years, he started contributing to various tribute shows hosted by Bill Shafer at Hyaena Gallery. This month marks his very first ever solo exhibition, and as you can see from the samples below, it’s really some terrific, spot on renditions of some of the coolest icons of pop culture!

Elvira. Rocky Balboa. Lemmy. Danzig. Peter Steele. Bruce Lee. Catwoman. Joker. Gene Simmons. Dirty Harry. Did you ever think you’d see them all together like this?!

You can view all of these pieces (above and below) in person at Hyaena Gallery located at 1928 W. Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91506. There are also a limited amount of reproduction prints available so that there’s something affordable for everyone that stops by. Below you’ll find a selection of more of Heckman’s art on display at Hyaena, or you can hit up their website and make inquires there if you’re interested in purchasing any of these.

Be sure to keep tabs on Robert Heckman via his official Facebook page, and be sure to “like” Hyaena Gallery on Facebook and follow their Twitter account.

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