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DEAD RISING 4 is Now Official: Zombie Smasher Frank West is Back!

It wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret, but Microsoft today officially confirmed that DEAD RISING 4 will be released in time for Christmas, and Frank West is back as its main character.

With artificial snow drifting onto the audience at its 2016 E3 press conference to set the holiday mood, Microsoft showed off an incredible launch trailer for the game. Check it out:

For the new game, DEAD RISING developer Capcom brought back photographer Frank West, star of the original DEAD RISING. West hasn’t lost his love of zombie murdering and taking photographs over the last decade. (That’s him above, taking a selfie with a new friend). The trailer shows off only a few of the violently hilarious weapons he’ll be using to obliterate billions of undead in DEAD RISING 4.


West kills zombies with everything from practical items, like chainsaws, rocket launchers and baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, to whimsical tech, like a candy cane gun and a fire-breathing triceratops mask. Frank also sports a new mech suit that allows him to rip zombies in half with his bare hands. Yeah, that might be fun.

DEAD RISING 4 is slated for release on the Xbox ONE and PC during the holiday season in 2016.