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Celebrating A Bold New Issue Of DELIRIUM With Barbara Crampton!

This past weekend, Dark Delicacies – one of Los Angeles’ prime destinations for all things horror, hosted the release party for the latest issue of DELIRIUM magazine. And it was a packed event!

On hand to sign the new issue was cover girl & scream queen royalty Barbara Crampton, Full Moon’s head honcho & DELIRIUM publisher Charles Band, contributors Jason Bene & David Del Valle, DELIRIUM photographer Ama Lea (who in this issue recreated some of horror’s most famous posters) and models Chelsea Stardust, Devanny Pinn, Briana Caitlin, Emma Julie Jacobs, Elissa Dowling, Alexis Iacono and STARRY EYES’ Alex Essoe.

Barbara Crampton signing Delirium #11 @ Dark Delicacies#darkdelicacies #delirium

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There are numerous reasons I wanted to bring both this issue and event to your attention. With Issue 11 of DELIRIUM, the magazine is starting to take shape as its own entity and is venturing into an intriguing, bold new direction from here on out.

Editor Chris Alexander (formerly of FANGORIA magazine and currently editor-in-chief over at Shock Till You Drop) explains in his introductory page that what started out originally as a magazine for himself and publishing partner Charles Band to celebrate the Full Moon/Empire brand morphed into a magazine that specializes in celebrating all of the wild, wonderful weirdness our beloved genre has to offer.

With the recent dismissal of both editor Michael Gingold and mag graphic designer W.R. Mohalley from FANGORIA, it was nice to see that they’re both now involved with DELIRIUM. (Mohalley has been since the beginning, Gingold contributes a new interview with RE-ANIMATOR screenwriter Dennis Paoli) But scanning over the familiar names of contributors, which include Justin Beahm, Ted Geoghegan, Jason Bene, David Del Valle, Brian Steward, Lee Gambin – this feels like something of a reunion of sorts.


Whether you’ve been reading DELIRIUM since its inception or haven’t had a chance to yet, now’s a good time to take note because with this crew of people together, we’ve got a pretty cool, still fairly new horror print mag to look forward to every couple of months.

You can order your copy directly through the Full Moon website. Be sure to visit the official DELIRIUM magazine website, and “like” the Facebook page. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to pop over to Dark Delicacies where you can find the latest issue, as well as some back issues too!