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The 10 Funniest Quotes From the DEADPOOL Comic

A DEADPOOL article!? Now?! Isn’t that the sort of thing you put out when there’s big news in the DEADPOOL world? It’s been months since the Blu-Ray came out and even longer since the “Merc With The Mouth” has been in theaters. You’re right. There is no big news, but in the true spirit of Deadpool, I’m going to be random and act impulsively. So here is my top ten list of funny DEADPOOL quotes from the comic book. If you thought the movie was hilarious, you should read the source material! And if it makes you feel any better, just keep telling yourself “it’s got to be International Woman’s Day somewhere”.


“My common sense is tingling.” (CABLE & DEADPOOL 26)

A poke at Spider-Man’s famous Spidey-senses quote, Deadpool uses it in reference to a villain who is obviously and blatantly following him.




“Did someone say chimichanga? Never mind that was just the sound of my skull and brains healing.” (CABLE & DEADPOOL 49)

Deadpool is a huge fan of this popular deep fried Southwest dish, mostly because of it’s funny sounding name. In addition to his love for this particular food, Deadpool is also known for his power to heal rapidly. In this scene, he has a large knife sticking through his head.





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Deadpool loves giving shout outs to pop culture. In this instance, he is talking about a popular WORLD OF WARCRAFT meme. A group of adventurers preparing to do battle, arming themselves, planning their attack, and crunching the numbers to see what their chances of survival will be. Satisfied, a lone warrior runs into battle ahead of the party screaming “Leroy Jenkins!” Caught off guard, the party runs in after him and is completely slaughtered. Deadpool shouts this battle cry as he charging in against impossible odds.



“Citizens! It is time to be thrown violently to safety!” (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 611)

Preparing to scuffle with Spider Man, Deadpool grabs a handful of onlookers and throws them out of the way. Although his heart is in the right place, his execution could use some improvement.



“You just killed the nice deranged chick from the juice bar that I was gonna score with someday maybe!” (AGENT X 15)

Deadpool shows his compassionate side after Outlaw is hurt in a battle against Black Swan.



“Logan! I can feel you inside my head! Are you a telepath now?” (X-FORCE/CABLE: MESSIAH WAR 1)

Deadpool and Wolverine (aka Logan) have always had a love hate relationship. Deadpool has a serious man-crush on Wolverine, while Wolverine would like nothing more than to kill mouthy jokester. In this particular instance, Wolverine has all four of his adamantium claws buried deep into Deadpool’s skull. Getting stabbed in the skull seems to happen quite a bit to Deadpool.




“I love the smell of 372,844 pancakes in the morning. Smells like victory” (DEADPOOL #16)

During a fight with Domino, Deadpool manages to send his adversary through a skylight and down to the floor below. Deadpool then flashes back to earlier in the day when he cooked up enough pancakes to fill a swimming pool. Going back to real time, Domino safely lands in the pool, the 372,844 pancakes breaking her fall.




“What’s the big deal? The X-Men kill cops all the time! They even recorded that song.”

“That Was Ice-T.”

“Geez, how’d I get those two confused?” (DEADPOOL #17)

Deadpool can get into some strange conversations, but on this occasion the second voice is provided by the one in Deadpool’s head. Deadpool has a reputation for getting into arguments with himself.




“If I may, you’re looking mighty fresh for a woman in her pre-menopausal years.” (CABLE & DEADPOOL #24)

There are men who are awkward around women, and then there’s Deadpool who makes things awkward around women.



“Get rabies, corporate vampire!” (DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #890) (COVER PHOTO)

Deadpool deliberately gives a hamster rabies in order to invent the Rabid Hamster Gun.




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