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Rob Zombie’s 31, PACIFIC RIM and GHOST BROS – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Strange new films and “stranger” new TV series were making headlines this week, as new and exciting horror movies and TV shows loom larger and larger on the horizon. This week on The Horror News Rundown, we’re taking a look at new casting, new posters, new trailers, and a way for you to own important part of horror history (if you are very rich).

Rob Zombie Debuts This Creepy New Poster for 31

Rob Zombie 31 Poster

From the director of the HALLOWEEN remake comes another horror film that just happens to be set on Halloween: 31, a film about a group of carnival workers are kidnapped and forced to fight killer clowns to the death!

Rob Zombie’s 31 premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival (I saw it there, and I enjoyed it quite a bit), but its future at the multiplex was uncertain after the MPAA repeatedly slapped it with an unmarketable “NC-17” rating.

Now, 31 is finally scheduled to come to theaters on October 21st, 2016 after a VOD debut on September 16th, and that’s only a few months away so that means it’s time for a new teaser poster, which was revealed earlier today. The creepy image of a battered van with a clown on top, and the weathered edges of the frame, evoke classic VHS covers of grungy horror thrillers just like this one. Which is very in-keeping with the film itself, so if you like this (and if you like the old ultra-violence), keep an eye out for 31 later this year.

John Boyega Joins the Cast of PACIFIC RIM 2

Pacific Rim John Boyega Star Wars The Force Awakens

John Boyega must love sci-fi a whole lot: the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS star has just signed up to headline the sequel to PACIFIC RIM, the ambitious 2013 film about humanity fighting off giant extra dimensional invaders by piloting huge robots.

The sequel, reportedly called PACIFIC RIM: MAELSTROM, has been in flux for years. It’s been scheduled, re-scheduled, canceled, and finally replaced directors. DAREDEVIL showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has taken over for the original filmmaker, Guillermo Del Toro, and he has cast John Boyega as the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first PACIFIC RIM. (Source: Deadline)

Fans of PACIFIC RIM may be scratching their heads about this, not because John Boyega isn’t great casting, but because Idris Elba’s character, Stacker Pentecost, died in the first film without mentioning ever having had a son. If anything he treated Mako Mori (played by Rinko Kikuchi) like his own daughter, although that may turn out to be a plot point. The first PACIFIC RIM left plenty of clues about the future of the franchise, as original screenwriter Travis Beacham has said on The B-Movies Podcast, like how some of the monsters look like they were assembled out of pieces of other kaiju, and possibly even a way for Stacker Pentecost to return!

Amazon Orders CARNIVAL ROW Pilot from PACIFIC RIM Creators

Crimson Peak

Speaking of Travis Beacham and Guillermo Del Toro, they’re still working together, and are bringing the sci-fi/horror series CARNIVAL ROW to Amazon Studios.

The show is based on a spec script that Beacham sold back in 2005, originally titled A KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW. After years of trying to produce it as a feature, Del Toro and Beacham have adapted it to a television series along with Rene Echeverria (STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE). The series takes place in a future city that looks a lot like London in the 1800s, where a serial killer is on the loose. (Source: Deadline)

No word yet on casting or directors, but keep an eye out on the Horror News Rundown for updates on CARNIVAL ROW in the weeks and months ahead.

Got $850,000? Buy the AMITYVILLE HORROR House!

Amityville Horror House

Horror fans the world over are familiar with THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, which allegedly befell the Lutz family after they moved into a house with a violent past. The story became a controversial novel, a controversial movie, a ton of sequels (one of them about an evil lamp), and a mostly-forgotten remake.

But although the stories you’ve heard may or may not be fictional, the house very much exists, and you can buy it right now if you have nearly a million dollars lying around and want to move to Long Island, NY.

You probably won’t go insane after living there, but you may be a bit disappointed to learn that the infamous semi-circular windows have long since been remodeled. Maybe if you complain real hard about that they’ll knock! the price down! But we doubt it since this is a 1927 Dutch Colonial house with five bedrooms and a boathouse. Those don’t come cheap!

Nothing Can Prepare You For GHOST BROS

The Frighteners Ghost Bros

Buddy movies have been keeping the comedy genre alive for many years now, but now this new one will try make it dead: GHOST BROS has been set up at Paramount, and will tell the story of two guys who die in their frat house and decide to keep haunting it. (Source: The Tracking Board)

Set in the 1980s, GHOST BROS comes from the writing duo of Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fener (HAPPY ENDINGS) and will be produced by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE mastermind Lorne Michaels.

GHOST BROS may sound like the title of a joke movie from 30 ROCK, but it is apparently very real, so we wish the filmmakers the best of luck. Horror comedies are hard enough to pull off as it is…

Sacha Baron Cohen Will Take the Stage As MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN

Sacha Baron Cohen Magic

Hollywood is running out of A-list comic book superheroes to turn into feature films, so it was probably only a matter of time before they started looking back to the old school pulp heroes instead. The tales of heroes like THE SHADOW and ZORRO helped make Batman and Superman possible in the first place, after all.

Dwayne Johnson signed up to play action/sci-fi character DOC SAVAGE not terribly long ago, but now Sacha Baron Cohen will star in a film with a supernatural angle: MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN, directed by Etan Cohen (GET HARD).

Mandrake was a master magician who saved the world on countless occasions, using his powers of hypnotism, invisibility and levitation. The new film reportedly “[updates] the character for the 21st century, with Mandrake being recruited by the United States government for a secret mission.” (Source: The Tracking Board)

Netflix Debuts This Awesome Trailer for STRANGER THINGS

Over the last few years Netflix has rebranded itself, evolving from a streaming site with an okay selection to a legitimate alternative network, with great original series ranging from ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK to HOUSE OF CARDS to JESSICA JONES.

And this summer, Netflix is adding a lot more horror to that lineup. STRANGER THINGS stars Winona Ryder as a mother searching for her lost son, whose investigation turns up more than she bargained for. The trailer for STRANGER THINGS popped up online earlier this week, and promises a wealth of 1980s genre goodness in just one season of TV.

STRANGER THINGS, created by The Duffer Brothers (HIDDEN), will debut all of its episodes at once on Netflix on July 15th, 2016.