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Does This Drone Footage Reveal Bigfoot on the Move in Idaho?

What started out as a dreamlike soar over the fields and treetops of southeast Idaho suddenly took a spooky turn when a nature photographer’s drone-based camera spotted an unidentified creature making a beeline for a dense cluster of forest.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on YouTube showing drone footage shot high above Idaho’s Hawkins Reservoir. The 2 ½-minute YouTube clip, with the attention-grabbing title Possible Bigfoot in Idaho!!, quickly generated a lot of attention, garnering nearly 350,000 views to date.

If you watch the clip above on a fairly large, high-resolution monitor, about half a minute into the footage you can see what looks like a large creature covered in light-brown fur loping across an open field, headed for the treeline… and it seems to be walking upright.

The filmmaker, who chose to remain anonymous, told the Idaho State Journal he originally thought the figure was a deer or other four-legged animal — but after closer examination he realized something wasn’t right. By the time he saw the figure on his monitor, it was too late to dive the drone close enough for a better look before the creature disappeared into the woods.

Image Credit: Idaho State Journal
Image Credit: Idaho State Journal

Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University examined the footage, and told the Journal the identity of the figure is “inconclusive.” While Meldrum considers himself a bigfoot expert, he remains skeptical about the authenticity of the footage.

“I had to expand the size of the video to clearly see it on my 22-inch computer monitor, and those screens for drone cameras are usually no bigger than a cell phone screen,” Dr. Meldrum said. “How could he have picked up that little speck, and then zoom in and fly directly to the point when it entered the forest?”

The photographer is undaunted, however, and is determined to clarify the footage as much as technically possible.